Strategies plans and policy

Schools Forum

The Redbridge Schools Forum is a statutory body required by the Schools Forum Regulations, set by the Department for Education. Comprising the head teacher and governing body representatives from the primary, secondary and special school sectors and non-representatives, their responsibilities include agreeing the 'Scheme for Financing Schools' (PDF 768KB) and being consulted on funding changes in schools.

Schools Forum: agenda for upcoming meeting and minutes of previous meetings


Capital funding and how it works

The Education Estate Capital Strategy provides an explanation of how Children's Services uses capital funding and how it prioritises any bids made for funding. It also details how Children's Services capital needs fit into the Corporate system.


School Improvement

This strategy, to be reviewed annually, outlines how we will support our schools to improve.


School Governors

How we will support our school governors.


Teacher Recruitment and Retention

A strategy to ensure top quality teachers are recruited, appointed, supported and retained in Redbridge schools. 


Letting Schools Premises

Guidance on 'Letting School Premises' has been made available to all Redbridge schools, including a model policy document.

Schools are advised to use their discretion in applying this model policy and its procedures to their settings. Where a school feels they could benefit from adopting this policy, the document and appendices should be adapted and amended to appropriately reflect specific arrangements and requirements of individual schools.

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