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  • Following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in England, from 19 July 2021, we will continue to specify that only 1 adult is to accompany the candidate to the 11 plus testing venue.  They must ensure that they do not remain in the vicinity while the test is underway.  
  • We are aware that each year there are concerns raised regarding the possibility of candidates telling their tutors the questions, in order for them to give those eligible to sit the late test an advantage.  Before the test begins, we ensure that all candidates are reminded not to discuss the tests with others, so that they do not reveal any of the questions. They are reminded that this may give an advantage to other children, reduce their own chances of being admitted to a grammar school and could result in them being disqualified from the test.

  • Parents are to be advised of the following: The 11 plus test is subject to copyright; its content must not be disclosed to any third party including tutors/coaches. The test is for each candidate, who must concentrate on their own test performance. Breaches of copyright (such as answers being given to one or more children or to a third party) will be pursued vigorously by the examination board’s legal department and the child will be disqualified.

11 Plus test results and statistics

The information provided is in relation to registrations received for the 11 plus and for those who sat the test for the Redbridge Grammar Schools for entry in September 2021.

The information provided is in relation to registrations received for the 11 plus and for those who sat the test for the Redbridge Grammar Schools for entry in September 2020.

When to register for the Redbridge 11 Plus selection test 

11 Plus registration for Ilford County High School for Boys and Woodford County High School for Girls starting in September 2022,  was open from Friday 30 April 2021 and closed at 5pm on Wednesday 23 June 2021.  No late registrations will be accepted. 

Registration has now closed. No late registrations will be accepted. Please refer to the admission arrangements 2022-2023 for information on the 11+ process. 

Please note: This year the two Redbridge Grammar schools will no longer be participating in the test normally shared with the following schools:

  • Gloucestershire Grammars (7 schools)
  • Slough Consortium (4 schools)
  • Reading School (leaving this year)
  • Kendrick School
  • Chelmsford County High School
  • Heckmondwike Grammar School
  • Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School
  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith
  • Trafford CEM Consortium (currently 4 schools going to 5 this year)

As candidates registered to sit the test for Redbridge grammar schools will sit a different test from those schools listed above, the test scores will not be comparable so results will not be shared with these schools.

This means that, if you are applying for entry to both Redbridge Grammar schools and any other schools, your child will have to sit the entrance test relevant to the schools you are registering for entry to.

We will not agree to any requests to sit the Redbridge late test due to the candidate sitting the test at any of the above schools on the same day. 

Where the tests are taken

Your child is required to sit the test at one of the Redbridge grammar schools. 

Date of the 11 plus selection test

The entrance test is confirmed to take place on Saturday 18 September 2021. 

Response to Grammar school test date concerns

We manage the selection test process on behalf of the Redbridge Grammar Schools at Ilford County High and Woodford County High. It’s important to clarify that while we accept that some parents might prefer to access a Grammar School place outside of Redbridge, we are required to manage the process for 11+ selection testing for the Redbridge Grammar schools as part of their admission arrangements.

Some grammar schools make individual arrangements, while others work in ‘groups’ for 11+ selection tests and in our case, although we use the same test provider, we are participating in a different CEM test ‘group’ for the 11+ selection test from this year. The previous CEM test paper was shared with a number of other schools as part of a group of grammar schools, their names are listed above.

The group of grammar schools we now share the CEM test paper with has set the test date as the 18 September, and our webpage was updated as soon as it was confirmed. This date is based entirely on the planning and organisational requirements of the schools within the group to be able to set up and hold the tests. In our case, we are managing the set up and delivery of the tests specifically for the grammar schools in Redbridge, so we have to ensure that we meet their requirements when setting the date with the other schools in the group we participate in.

There has never been any arrangement in place to schedule a test date for any school or group based on dates set by other grammar schools or consortiums. There are ten Essex grammar schools who are all able to set their own test date and are not required to confirm with any other grammar school that their dates do not conflict. This is also the case for all other grammar schools or groups.

Our priority is to ensure that we have arrangements in place to enable all the candidates for the two Redbridge grammar schools to be able to sit the test for their chosen school as calmly and efficiently as possible.

The vast majority of individual and groups of grammar schools set their tests in the first two or three weeks of September. There is no liaison between any of them with regard to the day that is selected. It is unfortunate for some parents that the date of the Redbridge test clashes with the CSSE test date this year.

It is not possible for us to unilaterally change the date of our 11+ selection test. Similarly, it is not possible for us to afford parents who also elect to register their child for an Essex grammar school the opportunity for their child to sit our test on a different day.

It is ultimately for parents to decide which schools they wish to name as a preference for their child, and this may require them making a decision about which grammar school tests their child sits, because there is always the risk that there will be a clash between the date set by one individual grammar school or grammar school group and another grammar school or grammar school group.

Travel arrangements and parking for open evenings and test day

There will be no parking facilities available at either school site, except for those who have displayed a disabled badge.

Please use public transport. There will be very restricted parking in the local area and there will be parking patrols enforcing these restrictions, ensuring that local residents around the schools are able to access their properties without hindrance. Please respect the privacy of local residents and do not trespass on their properties or throw litter in their gardens.

  • Ilford County High School – please check the school website for open evening arrangements.
  • Woodford County High School – please check the school website for open evening arrangements.

Examination board for the 11 Plus selection test

The supplier of the entrance test for Redbridge Grammar School is CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) which is part of the University of Cambridge.

CEM produces a familiarisation booklet to inform parents and pupils about its 11 Plus selective assessment test. The booklet includes examples that show the range of skills needed to complete the assessment and the way questions are answered. This familiarisation booklet is not definitive and the type of questions included in the booklet does not guarantee they will be in the final assessment:
Familiarisation Booklet for 2021 Entry (PDF 1.37MB)

Please be advised the information in this booklet is standard and will apply to all schools using CEM supplied Entrance tests.

Further information

We strongly advise parents who live outside of the common catchment area for the Redbridge Grammar Schools NOT register their child to sit our test.  
No candidate, whatever the score they attain, who lives outside of the common catchment area has been offered a place at either of the Redbridge Grammar Schools. 
By registering your child for the Redbridge Grammar School test we will be unable to accommodate any non attendance on the test date due to your child's participation in other entrance tests held on the same day. 

Check if you live within the common catchment area by following this link to Redbridge maps , then by clicking on the education tab and then clicking on the 11+ common catchment area tab.    

Register for the 11 Plus

The link was available from 30 April 2021 to 23 June 2021, and is now closed.



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