Check your child's place on the school waiting list

Current in-year applicants

If you have recently applied you will be advised by email of your new application reference number for the academic year 2021/22. If you have not submitted an application for the academic year 2021/22 you will need to complete an In-Year Application form. The online waiting lists for the 2021/22 school year opened on Wednesday 1 September 2021.

If you have applied for a Reception, Junior Transfer or Secondary Transfer school place starting in September 2021. You will not be able to see your waiting list position during this time. Waiting lists will continue until 31 December 2021, at which point you should submit an in-year application for consideration for the remainder of the 2021/22 academic year.

If your child has been offered a school place low on your list of preferred schools, they will remain on the waiting lists for all higher preference schools you have chosen. 

If you have received an offer for a school place and you still wish to be considered for a school that you ranked lower on your list of schools, you will need to submit a new In year application form showing the new preference order of all your schools.

Rank the school higher than the school you have been offered, and rank the school that you still wish to be considered for as a higher preference.  When a school place is offered, all schools listed lower than the one offered are automatically withdrawn. 

How school places are allocated

As places become available, they will be allocated from the waiting list according to a set of priority criteria that you can find at the end of this page.

If you can be offered a higher preference school, your lower preference offer will be withdrawn even if you have already accepted it and replaced with the higher preference automatically. We will not telephone you to offer you a choice of schools, but we will email you to let you know that there is now a place available.     

If you no longer wish to be considered for a higher preference school, you must email us at to tell the admissions team to remove your child from the waiting list.

Check your child's place on the waiting list

How to keep your child on a waiting list

Your child’s name is kept on the waiting list until the 31 August of each year for in-year applications. You must complete a new in-year application during the month of August in order to keep your child on the waiting list from 1 September of the new academic year.  

If you have applied for a place for your child to start Reception, Transfer to Junior School or Secondary Transfer, their name will be kept on the waiting list until the 31 December in that year only. You must complete a new in-year application in January in order to keep your child on the waiting list for the new academic year, beginning 1 September.

We do not coordinate in-year applications for the following schools, so if you want to make an in-year application for any of them you need to contact them directly. You can find their contact details on their websites: 

Priority criteria for community schools 

Priority cannot be given based on the date their application was received, or when their name was added to the waiting list.  The waiting list will be updated in accordance with the agreed over-subscription criteria each time a name is added or removed. This means that a child’s position on the waiting list may go up or down at any time. 

For in-year applications see Redbridge Admission Arrangements 2021-22


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