Bullying in schools

We recognise that bullying causes emotional and physical harm to children and we are committed to addressing bullying.

Our Combating Bullying Policy - a Framework for Redbridge Schools, is a guide for schools, helping them create their anti-bullying policy. It explains how our schools and organisations should try to help children if they are being bullied.  Ask to see your school’s anti bullying policy, the policy can be stand alone or form part of a behaviour/discipline policy. 

What to do if you are worried about bullying?

If you are concerned about bullying and would like support and information please contact:

  • Kidscape – Information for parents, professionals and children and young people
  • Bullying UK – information for children and young people on tackling bullying
  • Childline – Free and confidential telephone helpline for children and young people
  • Samaritans of Redbridge – Samaritans is a confidential emotional support service available 24 hours a day