Unwanted vehicles

If you have a privately owned vehicle that you no longer want, we can dispose it for you. If you are a business we may be able to dispose your vehicle(s) for you, but you should contact us for advice.

Street Scene Enforcement


Ley Street Depot

Ley Street


Disposal process

You will need to send us the following:

  • keys to the vehicle
  • log book (though additional proof maybe required)
  • vehicle disposal letter – a letter stating that you give us permission to dispose of your vehicle. The letter must be signed by the registered owner and dated
  • location of the car

If you do not have all of the above please let us know when you contact us. Make sure you include your address and telephone contact details so we can call you to discuss collection of your car.

Once you have provided us with the information above we will aim to get your vehicle disposed of within a 2 weeks, we don't usually let you know when we will collect the vehicle for disposal, but please let us know if we need special access to your vehicle.

Once the vehicle has been removed you have to contact the DVLA and let them know you have disposed of your vehicle.


What does Redbridge Council do with my vehicle?

We aim to recycle vehicles. We do not sell your vehicles or make any money from this.