Travel and transport policy

Redbridge Council have produced a local implementation plan, also known as (LIP), which is a statutory document setting out how we propose to implement the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy in Redbridge, over 20 years.

The local implementation plan directs our strategic transport investment in line with existing policy, and provides the policy framework for a rolling 3 year spending plan included within it.

Read the Local Implementation Plan (PDF 2,014KB)

The LIP was approved by the Council’s Cabinet on 11 June 2019. As the LIP is a strategic document a Strategic Environmental Assessment and an Equalities Impact Screening assessment were carried out on it and are available to view here.

Read the Strategic Environmental Assessment (PDF 3,085KB)

Read the Equalities Impact Screening Assessment


Through it's transport policy Redbridge Council aims to provide a sustainable and integrated transport network, which promotes social inclusion and limits negative environmental impacts.

The core strategy is for a transport network that supports a prosperous economy and socially cohesive community, reduces car dependence, encourages sustainable travel, improves air quality and reduces greenhouse gas contributions to climate change.

We aim to achieve this through:

  • reducing the need to travel by locating new development including housing, retail, commercial, cultural, health, leisure and community facilities within the hierarchy of town centres and other locations in accordance with Strategic Objective 1
  • promoting walking and cycling and use of public transport by locating new development within close proximity to public transport nodes and existing local amenities
  • integrating road, rail, bus, cycling and pedestrian links in accordance with the Local Implementation Plan
  • providing good quality interchange facilities between different modes of transport
  • requiring secure, accessible and sheltered cycle parking in new developments

Further reducing the need to travel and providing an efficient and effective transport network by:

  • protecting the existing transport network and facilitating enhancements to it
  • ensuring a clear hierarchy of roads that calms traffic in residential areas
  • integrating with the Strategic Road Network
  • assessing the impact of development proposals on the transport network and requiring the preparation of Travel Plans on all major developments
  • ensuring that all new car parking includes appropriate charging facilities for electric vehicles


Smarter Travel Team

The Smarter Travel Team support schools with any travel plan initiatives and schools can currently apply for small grants from the team to help them implement any measures that will help to promote sustainable travel. 

Contact the Smarter Travel Team if you have any questions or if you want to find out more about the school travel plans.

School travel plans & accreditation

The school travel plan is reviewed annually by the smarter travel team using the Transport for London ‘STARS’ system. In order to support schools in reviewing their travel plans, the Smarter Travel Team provide 1-to-1 support and workshops. 

By engaging in the school travel plans, you will see benefits such as:

  • reduced number of car trips made to the school at the beginning and end of the school day
  • encouraging more walking and cycling to school
  • encouraging more use of public transport
  • improving the health of the school community by promoting walking
  • creating opportunities for pupils to become independent travellers
  • promoting the opportunity for exercise by encouraging walking to school
  • improving safety on the school journey for those walking and cycling
  • pupil participation through schemes such as Youth Travel Ambassadors or Junior Travel Ambassadors 

To see some examples of the activities run as part of a school travel plan, visit the STARS website


For more information on cycling, visit our cycling webpages