Travel and transport policy

Sustainable modes of travel

View our sustainable modes of travel strategy (PDF 335KB)


Local implementation plan

Redbridge Council has produced a local implementation plan, also known as (LIP), which is a statutory document setting out how we propose to implement the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy in Redbridge, over 20 years.

Reference copies of the document can be obtained from local libraries.

The local implementation plan directs our strategic transport investment in line with existing policy, and provides the policy framework for a rolling 3 year spending plan included within it.

Read the Local Implementation Plan (PDF 10,288KB)

Transport development control

Through its transport policy Redbridge Council aims to provide a sustainable and integrated transport network, which promotes social inclusion and limits environmental impacts.

The core strategy is for a transport network that supports a prosperous economy and socially cohesive community, reduces car dependence, encourages sustainable transport, improves air quality and reduces greenhouse gas contributions to climate change.

We aim to achieve this through:

  • reducing the need to travel by locating new development including housing, retail, commercial, cultural, health, leisure and community facilities within the hierarchy of town centres and other locations in accordance with strategic policy 1
  • promoting walking and cycling and use of public transport by locating new development within close proximity to public transport nodes
  • integrating road, rail, bus, cycling and pedestrian links in accordance with the Local Implementation Plan, prepared for the Borough, and the Strategic Road Network 
  • providing sheltered interchange facilities between different modes of transport
  • requiring secure, accessible and sheltered cycle parking in new developments

Further reducing the need to travel and providing an efficient and effective transport network by:

  • protecting the existing transport network and facilitating enhancements
  • ensuring a clear hierarchy of roads that clams traffic in residential areas
  • integrating with the Strategic Road Network
  • assessing the impact of development proposals on the transport network and requiring the preparation of Green Travel Plans on all major developments
  • requiring new developments to provide safe and functional off-street car parking spaces and adequate access to such parking areas from the public highway.


Smarter travel initiatives

Smarter Travel Team

The Smarter Travel Team support schools with any travel plan initiatives and schools can currently apply for small grants from the team to help them implement any measures that will help to promote sustainable travel. 

The school travel plan is reviewed annually by Transport for London ‘STARS’. In order to support schools in reviewing their travel plans, the Smarter Travel Team delivers workshops every spring/summer term.

Contact the Smarter Travel Team if you have any questions or if you want to find out more about the school travel plans.

School travel plan

A school travel plan is a package of measures designed to reduce congestion and parking problems caused by the school run.

School travel plans seek to:

  • reduce the number of car trips made to the school at the beginning and end of the school day
  • encourage more walking and cycling to school
  • encourage more use of public transport
  • improve the health of the school community by promoting walking
  • create or improve opportunities for pupils to become independent travellers
  • promote the opportunity for exercise by encouraging walking to school
  • improve safety on the school journey for those walking and cycling


Walk to school week

Redbridge schools participate in the National Walk to School week in May. Schools are given resources to run assemblies and challenges such as A-Z scavenger Hunt to keep the children motivated.

Walk to school (WoW) campaign

Every child who walks at least three times  a week or twelve times a month earns a collectable WoW badge every month. Each class use the interactive WoW Travel Tracker website to see monitor who earned a badge at the end of the month.

Youth travel ambassadors

This is a new scheme which involves high school pupils developing their own campaigns in response to issues they have identified at their school.  Pupils bid for funding at a Campaign Junction event for funds to address the issues that they have identified.

Junior travel ambassadors

Junior Travel Ambassadors in each school use a Transport for London toolkit to help deliver sustainable travel and road safety assemblies and campaigns at their school. 

BMX and mountain bike displays

These are presentation of amazing bicycle manoeuvres which raise the profile of cycling. Schools are asked to choose between BMX and mountain bike displays.

BMX workshops – new initiative

Schools with Silver and Gold school travel plans will be offered BMX workshops where pupils will learn to do basic BMX trick after watching the BMX show.

Bike-It Plus

Bike It Plus enables the schools to promote and increase cycling to school. The Bike It Plus officer provides support over the course of the year to help plan and run events and offer advice and guidance around cycling. Bike-It Plus is a project available to only selected schools.

Dr Bike sessions

A bike mechanic carries out bicycle health checks and minor repairs. Getting bikes in good condition is a great way to get people cycling for leisure or commuting.  Bike mechanics also explain the pupils how to keep bikes well maintained and working.

Cycle training for schools

All schools in Redbridge are offered free cycle training for pupils which enables them to cycle safely on the roads.

Cycle and scooter training courses for school staff and volunteers

The school staff and volunteers can be trained to deliver scooting and cycling activities at schools such as running a scooter club and to embed cycling into PE lessons. 

Bike polo

It is offered to all the high schools in the borough.  School staff trains to deliver bike polo sessions in their school.  The bike polo sessions can be part of school PE lessons or as an after school activity. Schools can apply for small grant funding to be provided with bike polo equipment.

Redbridge have been working with neighbouring boroughs in the last couple of years to run an inter-borough bike polo tournament in the summer term.

Junior citizen events

Junior citizen events which are run by the Metropolitan Police Service are available to all year 6 pupils in Redbridge. The scheme aims to raise the awareness of children to crime and to possible everyday dangerous situations by allowing group of pupils to experience different mock-up scenarios.

Theatre in education

Theatre groups deliver performances to pupils in various age groups to promote road safety and to encourage them to use sustainable modes of travel.

Children’s traffic club

A free road safety tool for 3 year olds and focuses on helping parents teach their children how to be safe. As a member of the club, each child is entitled to get DVDs which contain stories to listen to, songs to sing and games to play which teach kids about road safety issues.

Road safety class talks

Road safety officers visit primary schools in the borough to give talks to pupils on various subjects. 


The Smarter Travel Team and the Road Safety Team run a number of competitions throughout the year such as the Road Safety Calendar Competition and the LBR Cycle to School Challenge to encourage safe and active travel to school.

Small grants funding

Schools with an updated travel plan are eligible to apply for small grant funding to help implement the initiatives identified in their travel plan. 

Bus operators grant

In 2016/17 the Department of Transport awarded the London Borough of Redbridge £44,802 to support the operation of community transport services across the borough. In accordance with grant conditions, the annual report sets out how the devolved grant was spent.

  • View the 2016 annual report for more information on the bus operators grant (PDF 121KB)

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