Roads gritting list

Road name Details
Abbotsford  Gardens  
Abbotsford Road  
Abbotswood Gardens  
Adelaide Road  
Albert Road Ilford
Aldborough Road North  
Aldborough Road South Wards Road to Eastern Avenue
Aldborough Road Sth Ambulance Stn Access Road to Ambulance Station
Aldersbrook Road  
Ambleside Gardens  
Aragon Drive  
Ardwell Avenue  
Argyle Road  
Arlington Road  
Arran Drive  
Arrowsmith Road  
Arundel Drive  
Ashbourne Avenue  
Ashburton Avenue  
Ashurst Drive  
Atherton Road  
Babbacombe  Gardens  
Baddow Close HAND GRIT  
Balfour Road to Melbourne Road
Barclay Oval by school   HAND GRIT  
Barley Lane Inc. King George Hospital
Barnardo Drive  
Baron Gardens  
Basildon Avenue  
Bathurst Road  
Beal Road Cranbrok Road to Argyle Road
Beattyville Gardens  
Beaver Road  
Beehive Lane North  
Beehive Lane South  
Belgrave Road Ilford
Belgrave Road Wanstead
Benton Road  
Beresford Drive  
Beverley Crescent  
Billet Road Hainault Road To Boundary
Birkbeck Road  
Bishops Avenue  
Blackbush Avenue  
Blake Hall Road Cambridge Park Road to Aldersbrook Road
Bramley Crescent  
Breamore Road  
Bressey Grove  
Brian Road  
Brisbane Road  
Broadmead Road  
BrockenHurst Gardens  
Brocket Way  
Brook Road Newbury Park
Brook Road Whitehall Road to Borough Boundary
Broomhill Road Snakes Lane West to Broadmead Road
Buckhurst Way Hawthorn Road to Borough Boundary
Buckingham Road Ilford
Buntingbridge Road  
Bush Road Blake Hall Road to Borough Boundary
Cambridge Park  
Cambridge Road Wanstead
Cameron Road  
Canon Avenue  
Canterbury Avenue  
Carlisle Gardens  
Carlton Drive Craven Gardens to Station Road
Caterham Avenue  
Cavendish Avenue  
Centre Road Aldersbrook Road to Borough Boundary
Chadacre Avenue  
Chadwell Heath Lane  
Chapel Road inc Bus Terminal
Charnwood Drive  
Charteris Road  
Chase Lane  
Chelmsford Gardens  
Chelmsford Road  
Cherry Tree Rise  
Cheyne Avenue  
Chichester Gardens  
Chigwell Road North Three Jolly Wheelers to Charlie Browns Rbout
Chigwell Road South Charlie Browns Roundabout to Hermon Hill
Chiltern Way  
Chingford Lane High Road Woodford Green to Borough Boundary
Christie Gardens  
Civic Way  
Clayhall Avenue to Bus Terminal
Clements Road  
Cleveland Road Ilford
Cobbetts Avenue  
College Gardens  
Colvin Gardens Wanstead
Colvin Gardens Hainault
Connaught Road  
Cottesmore Avenue  
Couchmore Avenue  
Coventry Road  
Cowslip Road Mulberry Way to Daisy Road
Cranbrook Road North  
Cranbrook Road South  
Craven Gardens  
Cricklefield Place Seven kings
Cross Road  
Daisy Road  
Dale Gardens  
Danehurst Road  
Darnley Road  
Dawlish Drive  
De Vere Gardens  
Denehurst Gardens  
Douglas Road  
Dover Road  
Dudley Road one way system  
Elmbridge Road  
Elmcroft Avenue  
Elmstead Road  
Empress Avenue Woodford Green
Empress Avenue (Wanstead) Aldersbrook Road to Arran Drive
Epping New Road High Road Woodford Green to Borough Boundary
Esher Road  
Eton Road  
Ewellhurst Road  
Exeter Gardens  
Fairlawn Drive  
Fairlop Road  
Fairview Drive  
Fairview Road  
Falconer Road  
Falmouth Gardens  
Felstead Avenue  
Fencepiece Road Fulwell Cross Roundabout to Borough Boundary
Finchingfield Avenue  
Forest Approach  
Forest Road Hainault
Forest way  
Fowler Road  
Freemantle Road  
Fulwell Avenue  
Fulwell Cross Roundabout  
George Lane inc The Viaduct  
Glebelands Avenue  
Golfe Road  
Goodmayes Lane  
Goodmayes Road  
Gordon Road Wanstead
Gordon Road Green Lane to Golfe Road
Gordon Road Woodford Green
Grangeway Gardens  
Granville Road Park Road to Wellesley Road
Green Lane  
Green Lane /Sunnyside Road Mini  
Green Walk  
Griggs Approach  
Grosvenor Road  
Grove Park Wanstead
Grove Road Chadwell Heath
Gwynne Park Avenue  
Hainault Road  
Hainault Street  
Hamilton Avenue  
Handforth Road  
Harewood Drive  
Harold Road  
Harrier Avenue  
Harts Grove  
Hathaway Gardens  
Havelock Street  
Hazeldene Road  
Heathcote Avenue  
Herent Drive  
Hermon Hill  
High Rd Ilford/ Chadwell Heath Ilford Police Station to Borough Boundary
High Road Buckhurst Hill Epping New Road to Borough Boundary
High Road Ilford Clements Road to Griggs Approach
High Road Ilford Chapel Road to Clements Road
High Road Ilford Pedestrian Precinct
High Road Woodford Green Woodford New Road to Epping New Road
High Street Barkingside Barkingside
High Street Wanstead
High View Road Bressey Grove to Broadwalk
Highbury Gardens  
Highcliffe Gardens  
Highlands Gardens  
Hillside Avenue  
Hollybush Hill  
Horns Road  
Hunter Road  
Huntsman Road  
Hurstleigh Gardens  
Ilford Hill  
Ilford Lane  
Inmans Row  
Johnston Road  
Kensington Drive Roding
Kenwood Gardens  
Keswick Gardens  
Khartoum Road  
Kielder Close Pt to Staggart Green
Kingfisher Avenue  
Kings Avenue  
Kirkland Avenue  
Knighton Drive  
Lake House Road  
Latchett Road  
Latchford Place  
Lessingham Avenue  
Ley St/ Griggs App mini Rbout  
Ley Street  
Lincoln Gardens  
Little Heath Slip Road
Lodge Hill  
Longwood Garderns  
Lonsdale Road  
Looe Gardens  
Lord Avenue  
Loudon Avenue Cranbrook Road to Veronique Gardens
Loxford Lane  
Makepece Road for Wanstead Hospital
Malvern Drive  
Manford Way  
Manor Road Chigwell Road to Borough Boundary
Mansfield Road  
Marks Gate Road Whalebone Lane Nth  
Marlands Road  
Marston Road  
Maybank Road  
Mayesbrook Road Goodmayes Lane to Borough Boundary
Mayfield Road  
Meads Lane  
Meadway Goodmayes
Melbourne Road Balfour Road to Thorold Road
Merlin Grove  
Mill Road  
Monkhams Avenue  
Monkhams Drive  
Monkhams Lane  
Morland Road  
Mornington Road Woodford
Mossford Green  
Mossford Lane  
Mulberry Way South Woodford
Myrtle Road  
Nelson Road  
Neville Road  
New North Road  
New Road  
New Wanstead  
Newcastle Avenue Tunstall Ave to Stoke Ave
Newlands Road  
Nightingale Lane Wanstead
Northbrook Road  
Northumberland  Avenue (Wanstead) Park Road to Arran Drive
Oak Lane Woodford
Oaks Lane Newbury Park
Onslow Gardens  
Orchard Lane  
Overton Drive Wanstead
Painters Road  
Park Avenue  
Percival Gardens  
Percy Road  
Peregrine Road Hainault
Perkins Road  
Perrymans Farm Road  
Perth Road  
Priestley Gardens  
Princes Avenue Monkhams
Queen's Avenue Monkhams
Redbridge Lane East  
Redbridge Lane West  
Riches Road  
Ridgeway Gardens  
Ripon Gardens  
Rochester Gardens  
Roding Lane North  
Roding Lane South  
Roebuck Road  
Rokeby Gardens  
Romford Road (Hainault) Boundary to boundary
Roundaway Road Pt  
Rowland Crescent  
Royal Close HAND GRIT  
Rushden Gardens  
Rutland Road one way section  
Seven Kings Road  
Shenfield Road  
Snakes Lane East  
Snakes Lane West  
Snaresbrook Road Woodford Road to Borough Boundary
Somerville Road  
South Park Drive  
South Park Road Green Lane to Golfe Road
Spratt Hall Road  
Springfield Drive  
St Alban's Crescent  
St Alban's Road  
St Barnabas Road  
St Mary's Avenue  
St Ronans Crescent  
Staggart Green  
Staines Road  
Stanstead Road  
Starch House Lane  
Station Road Carlton Drive to parks Depot
Station Road Ilford
Stoke Avenue  
Stradroke Grove  
Strafford Avenue  
Summit Drive  
Sunnyside Road  
Sydney Road  
Tanners Lane  
The Avenue Wanstead
The Broadway Monkhams Avenue to Charteris Road
The Dell  
The Drive Ilford
The Glade Woodford
The Glade Fullwell
The Green Wanstead
The Green Woodford Green
The Lowe  
The Shrubberies (George Lane)
The Vale  
Thorold Road Balfour Rd to Myrtle Road & Melbourne Road to Adelaide Rd
Tilney Drive  
Tomswood Hill Fencepiece Road to Borough Boundary
Torquay Gardens  
Truro Gardens  
Tudor Crescent  
Tunstall Avenue New Nth Road to Newcastle Avenue
Uphall Road Pt  
Uppark Drive  
Veronique Gardens  
Vicarage Lane  
Victoria Road South Woodford
Vine Gardens Ilford Lane to Brockenhurst Gardens
Vista Drive  
Wakefield Gardens  
Wangey Road  
Wanstead Lane  
Wanstead Park Avenue Northumberland Avenue to Dover Road
Wanstead Park Road  
Wards Road  
Water Lane  
Wellesley Road Cranbrook Road to Adelaide Road
Wells Gardens  
Wensleydale Avenue  
Werneth Hall Road  
Westwood Road  
Whitehall Lane  
Whitehall Road High Road Woodford Green to Borough Boundary
Windsor Road Ilford
Windsor Road Wanstead
Winston Way (East End)  
Winston Way (Eastbound)  
Winston Way (westbound)  
Winston Way Griggs Approach Roundabout  
Winston Way/ Ilford Lane Rbout  
Woodbine Place  
Woodford Bridge Road  
Woodford New Road Borough Boundary to High Road Woodford Green
Woodford New Road  (Gyratory)  
Woodford Road High Road Woodford Green to Borough Boundary
Woodland Way  
Woodlands Avenue Wanstead
Woodside Road  
Worcester Crescent  
York Road Wanstead Park Road to Argyle Road
York Road Argyle Road to Cranbrook Road

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