Dropped kerbs (footway crossings)

We have now reopened our footway crossing (dropped kerbs) service and are processing all applications. However due to the impact of Covid-19, there may be some delays due to reduced staff numbers and contractor availability.


A dropped kerb (footway crossing) is when the pavement is lowered so that you can legally drive over the pavement onto your driveway or front garden. If you would like to install a dropped kerb you will need to contact us.

Please read Redbridge Council policy for footway crossings before you apply. 

We do not construct your driveway or front garden, we only provide the footway crossing. The crossing will be constructed if you have arranged for a suitable vehicle opening onto the premises so that vehicles can access your property. You will need to notify us when your front garden/drive has been completed and an opening made. The footway crossing will not be constructed until we receive confirmation that an opening has been made. 

We reserve the right to revert the footway crossing to a footway if it is not in use or you no longer require vehicle access.

Do I need planning permission?

If you live on a classified road you will need planning permission as well as footway crossing consent from us.  


Need planning permission for a footway crossing?

Apply for planning permission

Do you live on a Red Route?

Red routes are roads that are part of Transport for London’s (TfL)road network. These roads are generally identified by red lines running along the road and are controlled by TfL not us.

All applications for footway crossings on Red Routes will need TfL’s agreement and planning permission from Redbridge. You should get advice from TfL that your crossing is feasible before applying for planning permission.

For more information about red routes please visit the TfL webpage  or call TfL on 0343 222 1234

Is my driveway/front garden absorbent?

There must be somewhere for rain water to drain from your driveway into the ground on your property. Your driveway/front garden needs to be constructed with materials that can absorb, be 'porous' or divert water to drain through the ground such as flowerbeds, gravel, drainage channels and soakaways.

If your front garden does not have any of these materials this could result in the refusal of the footway crossing. 

There is a tree, grass verge or shrubs in the way

If there is a tree, grass verge or shrub in the way this must be shown on the form. Please read the Redbridge Council Policy for footway crossings for further information.

There is a street light or other street furniture in the way

If there is a street light or other street furniture such as a road sign, this must be shown on the form. We are prepared to arrange for the relocation of this street furniture to allow the construction of a footway crossing as long as you agree to meet the costs involved and alternative sites are possible.

How to apply

A £102 non-refundable application fee must be paid as part of the application process online.

What happens next

  • on receipt of your completed application form, the site will be inspected
  • if approved a price for the construction of the crossing will be calculated and we will send you a quotation with a legal agreement for you to sign and return
  • if you require a revised quotation there will be an additional charge of £67 added to the quote 
  • if you wish to continue with the application you will need to send us full payment along with the signed agreement
  • once we have received your payment and legal agreement we will issue a works order to our contractor to construct the crossing - it will be constructed to the existing back of the footway level
  • we plan to commence works, normally within  8 weeks, after we receive your payment, however you will need to notify us that you have made an opening for vehicle access and constructed a suitable surface to your property, failure to do this may delay construction of the crossing
  • It must be noted that the whole process will take approximately 12 weeks from start to finish provided that it is a straightforward application. Occasionally there will be delays in constructing your footway crossing. The reasons for this can range from pressures of workload to trees and /or street furniture having to be removed and/or relocated by others
  • you will be notified the day before our contractor starts work on the crossing and they will deliver barriers which can be placed in the road to ensure the way is clear for the construction works
  • you will not be able to drive your vehicle over the completed crossing for 24 hours

Legal agreement

If your application is approved you will have to enter into a legal agreement with Redbridge Council to agree that your vehicle will not overhang the footway. If the terms of the agreement are broken, a warning may be served which could result in your application being cancelled. Any costs to reinstate the footway will be charged against your property.

There is a £204 charge for the Legal Agreement.

The agreement will be registered as a local land charge in the miscellaneous section of the Local Land Charges Register for the property and will transfer to any new owners when the property is sold.


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