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Redbridge Council are encouraging more residents to cycle whether it's to work, school, the shops, or as part of a fun family outing. If you live, work or study in the Borough. See our cycling routes in the Borough (PDF 546.59KB)

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You can take advantage of our free cycle training to help build your cycling confidence.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced cyclist, our cycle training sessions can help to improve your confidence and skills as a cyclist.

Training is available for:

  • children
  • families
  • adults

Training can start from your home or any other convenient location.

You can also sign up for our group training sessions at one of our new cycle training hubs in:

  • Valentines Park 
  • Ray Park 
  • Fairlop Waters

You can borrow a bike for the session if you do not own a bicycle. Learning in groups is fun and a great way to meet new people.

Find out more and book your free cycle training session


All schools can get free 'Bikeability' level 1 and 2 cycle training for pupils aged 10 years and over.  

The training teaches students:

  • how to cycle safely on roads
  • how to interact with other road users
  • develops judgement and decision making skills when cycling

For more information email:

'Bike the school run'

These free sessions are for:

  • primary school pupils accompanied by an adult
  • secondary school pupils who have completed 'Bikeability' cycle training level 1 or 2  

These sessions aim to give you the confidence to cycle to school. Sessions include planning the route from your home to school and riding the route to school with a cycle instructor. Find out more about 'Bike the School Run' or book a session

We organise  free group bike rides, starting and finishing from either Ray Park in Woodford or Valentine's Park in Ilford.

These carefully marshalled group bike rides are ideal for:

  • families
  • adults new to cycling
  • adults returning to cycling
  • those who enjoy marshalled social rides
  • those dislike interaction with traffic

Some bikes are available to borrow.

Find out more and book your free place

Let's Ride

Find fun, friendly and free community bike rides on the 'Let's Ride' website.  Rides suitable for a wide range of ages and ability.

Go to the 'Let's Ride' website to find a ride near you.

Breeze - free bike rides for women

Breeze is the biggest programme ever to get more women into riding bikes for fun. The aim is to help more women feel confident and comfortable about going on a bike ride.

Find your local breeze ride here

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike is a pedal cycle fitted with an electric motor that provides power assistance when the rider pedals. They have a legal maximum power output of 250 watts and a power-assisted speed of up to 15.5mph. 

What are the benefits?


  • provide many of the health benefits of unassisted cycling, as the power assistance can be adapted to suit your needs and ability
  • enable you to travel longer distances and with less effort, if desired
  • are great for longer commutes, carrying heavy items and arriving at your destination fresh and ready to go
  • are also an excellent way for people who feel less fit, or have a mobility impairment, to stay active
  • produce no emissions and are therefore good for improving air quality
  • enable you to carry heavy items or transport small children with minimal effort (these are called electric cargo bikes)
  • enable you to cycle uphill with ease!

What are the practical aspects?

E-bikes are easy and cheap to recharge, costing between 5 and 10 pence per charge. The batteries can have a working range of 30 to 80 miles, depending on the type and level of power assistance used

They use the same roads and on-street cycling facilities as normal pedal cycles. This includes all cycle lanes such as Cycle Superhighways and Quietways, and other infrastructure such as cycle-only access points and cycle parking

Before riding an e-bike, a free Cycle Skills session is recommended;Click here to find out more and book your free cycle skills session

How can you try out an e-bike?

Go to electric-bikes and find a free test ride.

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