Cycle parking in Redbridge

Bike hangers

A huge demand for Bikehangars was received by residents around the borough who did not have a secure space to park their bikes, especially those who did not have any private outdoor space. This made them reluctant to cycle as they did not have a place to park their bike within their living space or they were concerned about cycle theft (if left outdoor).

The main objective of the installation for Bikehangars scheme is to provide secure cycle parking units, which reflects the wish to support cycling as a sustainable mode of transport in the borough.

What is a Bikehanger?

  • Bikehangars are specially designed secure storage units for bikes
  • They are installed onto streets, with the unit bolted onto the kerb
  • Each hangar holds up to six bikes
  • The Bikehangar takes up half of a standard car parking space

How much does a bike hanger cost?

For a Bikehangar space, you will have to pay £72 per year, plus a refundable key deposit of £25.

Will my bike be secure?

  • The Bikehangar will only be accessible to those who have booked a space
  • It can only be accessed through a key that is given to residents who have secured a parking space
  • It will keep the bikes safe from any elemental factors
  • Cycle hoops will be maintaining each Bikehangar, with site visits twice, a year. They also have an emergency call out service in case of any urgent issues or vandalism

Applying for a space

Applications for Bikehangar spaces are managed by Cyclehoops, the company who supplies and helps manage the Bikehangars. If a Bikehangar has been installed at a location near you, they will be able to take your request.

Access to the storage spaces within each of the Bikehangar units will be possible on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and subject to availability.

To apply for a space and for rental charges contact Cyclehoop.

How do I request one for where I live?

If there is not a Bikehangar on your street or a nearby existing Bikehangar is at full capacity, you are able to request for a new one through the Cyclehoops website. However, installations are dependent on funding.

Send your request to


Keeping your bike safe from theft

When using any cycle parking provision in Redbridge, it is advised that you take care to securely lock your bike at each location and take any items that can be easily removed with you e.g. lights, pumps.

The security of bicycles left at any cycle parking stand or hangar in the borough will remain the responsibility of the owner and not Redbridge council, who shall not be held liable for any theft or damage to bikes.

To reduce the chances of your bike being stolen there is some useful advice on securing your bike on Cycling UK's website.

Bike marking and registering  is also an option, and helps ensure your bike is trackable and helps to deter thieves. Any theft or damage of bikes should be reported directly to the police. How to register your bike with Bike Register


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