Redbridge Growth Commission

Growing Redbridge Together report

The Growth Commission was an opportunity for residents to help shape how we grow Redbridge together. Commissioners  held a series of online conversations with residents over the summer of 2020 focusing on improving how growth happens in Redbridge. 

Based on this engagement and their own expertise, the Commissioners have produced the Growing Redbridge Together report. The report includes a series of recommendations and examples of how to do growth better.

View the Growing Redbridge Together report (PDF 4,218KB)

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What is the Growth Commission?

In 2018, we worked with over 1,600 residents to agree to a 'Brave New Towns' approach, which would grow the borough in a balanced and sustainable way.  Since then, housing targets set for the borough have increased by 25% and there is more pressure than ever to deliver new homes.  

We understand that what is coming ahead can be perceived as uncertain and residents can be worried.  But we also know that growth isn't just about new homes, but all of the things we need in our communities: jobs, businesses, green spaces, schools, sustainability, transport and more.  

This is why we set up the Growth Commission to help us understand how to shape growth together with Redbridge’s people and ensure that as we grow, everyone in Redbridge can benefit. It considered the policy context, recognising the obligations and pressures we are facing as a Council alongside the concerns and aspirations of those who live, work, learn and play in Redbridge.  

As well as bringing their diverse range of experiences, the commissioners had conversations with residents, as well as local businesses, voluntary sector groups, faith leaders, developers and others to explore ways in which to do growth better. 

The Commissioners held a series of online conversations from July 2020 to September 2020 to discuss the challenges and opportunities of growth. The Commissioners have produced a series of recommendations based on these conversations and their own expertise to improve how growth happens in Redbridge.

These recommendations can be found in the Growing Redbridge Together report. 


Commission members

The Growth Commission was led by an independent group of six commissioners bringing expertise from a range of different perspectives including development and place-makingcommunity development, health and wellbeing, children and young people, and more. The commissioners were selected on the basis of providing appropriate and balanced advice across a range of themes.  

Membership of the Growth Commission: 

  • Sophia de Sousa (Chair) – CEO, The Glass-House Community Led Design charity 
  • Bethia McNeil – CEO, Centre for Youth Impact  
  • David Ubaka – Founder, DUP Limited  
  • Imandeep Kaur – Director, Civic Square  
  • Sir Steve Bullock DL - Former Mayor of Lewisham and independent consultant 
  • Yashmin Harun BEM – Chair, Muslimah Sports Association  

 The role of the Commissioners was to:  

  • review council strategies and processes 
  • listen and engage with residents and other local stakeholders 
  • bring different perspectives and their expertise 
  • develop recommendations to be translated into a work programme and action plan