Ilford Western Gateway

Spatial Framework

Ilford is growing, and we are working to ensure that our existing residents, workers, and visitors enjoy all the benefits of investment and growth. We want to hear from you as we develop ideas for a spatial framework for the Western Gateway, fronting the Ilford Gyratory (around Ilford Hill, Chapel Road and south of the main Ilford Station Entrance), which will include allocating space for high-quality public and green spaces as well as new places to work, live and play for the local area.

The spatial framework will help set the principles behind the future development of the site and is being brought forward as as part of the Ilford for me, for you, for all programme. We believe the site should put people ahead of private cars, and improve the wellbeing of all, but we need your input to ensure that we jointly create a 21st century town centre for which we can all be proud. Whether you are a local resident, work in the area or are a frequent visitor, we want the spatial framework to reflect Ilford’s diverse and vibrant community, and welcome you to view the latest news on the project and share your ideas with us.

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Joint Venture Development Partner 

We are currently seeing a development partner to form a 50:50 Joint Venture to deliver the regeneration of the Ilford Western Gateway. 

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