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On Monday 25 October 2021, we will be enhancing our online pre-application submission system to allow payment to be made online on submission. Our online pre-application submission system may be unavailable for Monday morning while this enhancement is deployed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Pre-application feedback survey

Pre-application engagement by prospective applicants offers significant potential to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning application system and improve the quality of planning applications and their likelihood of success.

As part of an on-going improvement project within the Development Management team, we want to hear what you think of our pre-application advice service and the ways in which you think it can be improved. Please take a few minutes of your time to tell us what you think.

Pre-application structure and fees

Our pre-application guidance note (PDF 1.5MB) details all our advice services, how they operate, and what charges are involved.

Please read this fully to identify what service you need to apply for. It is the responsibility of the party submitting the advice request to apply under the correct option.

We encourage all pre-applications to be applied for online. The sections below provide details on how to do this.

Unfortunately, we can only currently offer online payment on submission for our Duty Planner - standard service. We are looking to introduce on submission online payment capabilities for all advice options during 2021.

It is important to remember you may also need permission from Building Control for your project. 

Duty Planner - standard service

We offer an online booking service for our Duty Planner - standard service. You can book, pay for, amend and cancel your appointment through this online service. 

This service is detailed in full in our pre-app guidance note (PDF 1.5MB), and is designed as an appointment only service for basic residential developments (such as an extension) which are not in a conservation area.

This service consists of a 20 minute phonecall appointment (booked in advance) between 10am and midday every Monday, Thursday and Friday. The planning officer on duty will call you at the beginning of the appointment slot you book (please do not go to Lynton House). This service will not provide a written statement from the Council, but you can make any notes you wish during the meeting. If you have any plans of your proposed development please email these to at least 2 working days before your appointment. We also encourage you to read our Housing Design SPD prior to your appointment.

The charge per appointment is £95.

Book a Duty Planner appointment online


Duty Planner - advanced service 

If your residential development is too large or too complex to be considered under the standard service you will need to apply for the advanced service.

This service is detailed in full in our pre-app guidance note (PDF 1.5MB) and is designed as a written response only system for complex residential developments (such as multiple extensions, or developments in a conservation area).

If you have any plans of your proposed development please submit these with your request. Photos of your house can also be helpful. We also encourage you to read our Housing Design SPD prior to requesting advice.

You can check if your address is in a conservation area online. If so, we advise reading our conservation area guidance documents before requesting advice.

The charge per request is £175.

Register and submit for Duty Planner written advice

We have launched an upgrade to our web services. All logins for Planning and Building Control have now been made inactive. You will need to login using your Redbridge account information. If you do not have a Redbridge account you can register here

Pre-application enquiry service

Please note all pre-application meetings will take place virtually. We are not offering any face-to-face meetings.

This service is designed for advice on new residential units (such as new houses or flats) and on commercial developments. 

The different options, including fees, are detailed in full in our pre-app guidance note (PDF 1.5MB). Some options have an optional meeting - you will need to specify in your request whether you would like a meeting.

Submit a pre-application enquiry online

Please include the following with your submission for it to be processed and allocated to a case officer to be considered:

  • state the pre-application category (as detailed in our guidance note e.g. small, medium, etc.)
  • describe the works you wish to carry out (in sufficient detail to calculate the fee)
  • site location plan at a scale of 1:1250 with a red line around the boundary of the site
  • proposed drawings (to metric scale, with significant dimensions annotated)
  • site photographs

Register and submit pre-application enquiry

We have launched an upgrade to our web services. All logins for Planning and Building Control have now been made inactive. You will need to login using your Redbridge account information. If you do not have a Redbridge account you can register here

After your pre-application advice request has been submitted and processed you can track its progress online.

Paying for your pre-application enquiry

You can pay for your pre-application enquiry, and Duty Planner - advanced service request securely over our automated phone service using a debit or credit card on 0208 708 4708. You will be presented with a list of payment options - please press 9 for planning.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to register your request. You will need your unique Redbridge pre-application reference to make payment which we will send to you.

When making payment you will need to input your reference number without any letters or special characters. For example:

  • Paying for pre-application enquiry P0100/19 - you would need to type 010019 into our automated payment service

Alternatively, we can send you a link to pay online.

If you need to pay via a different route (such as a bank transfer) please state this as part of your submission and we can organise this with you.

If you have not received your reference number or have any other issue using this automated service please complete a contact us form.

We are no longer able to accept cheque payments for any Planning services. If a cheque is received we will securely dispose of this and provide advice on how to pay online or by phone.

Infrastructure Coordination Development Service

The London Borough of Redbridge offers a consultancy service to support developers in planning and delivery of works to connect their development into local infrastructure networks.

The Mayor of London has identified a need for earlier consideration of utilities connections to identify constraints, reduce the risk of delays on site, and identify opportunities for cost-saving collaboration. The Infrastructure Coordination Development Service provides valuable support for developers through the planning, design and construction of projects of all types and sizes. It has been launched in Tower Hamlets, Westminster, Croydon, Lambeth and Redbridge.

Developers will be able to draw on a specialist infrastructure coordinator’s local knowledge and links to council teams, key contacts at utility companies, and access to better site information about existing infrastructure assets and planned future works.

Pre-Planning Services

  • Use London’s Underground Asset Register to analyse site constraints
  • Appraise proposals and advise team based on knowledge of local infrastructure
  • Provide reference to relevant policy
  • Advise on utility companies’ procedures and support developer’s liaison
  • Use Infrastructure Mapping Application to identify works coordination opportunities

Delivery Support Services

  • Support works coordination opportunities by facilitating communication between parties
  • Support programming of infrastructure works
  • Assist with arrangements of highway licenses and traffic management
  • Support ongoing liaison with utility companies
  • Assist with re-circulation of as-built data into London’s Underground Asset Register

Please address all enquiries about the Infrastructure Coordination Development Service to Developers will also be referred during pre-application enquiries and during the PPA processes.

Infrastructure coordinators in other boroughs can be contacted via and more information is available here.

Design Review Panel

Redbridge has an independent Design Review Panel, operated by Frame Projects; we will refer pre-application projects for major developments (10 units +) to the panel as well as certain smaller applications (such as those in Conservation Areas). The Redbridge Design Review Panel provides expert advice to applicants, council officers and the planning committee during the pre-application process, and by commenting on planning applications. Additional fees are applicable for Panel meetings.

Further information is available here on the Design Review Panel.

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