Householder advice (extensions, lofts conversions etc)

The information below relates to houses and flats doing small-scale works, such as extensions, loft conversions, outbuildings and porches.

If you are seeking advice on commercial works (such as an extension or change of use to a shop or restaurant), or the creation of a new residential unit (such as building a new house or converting a house into flats) then please see our other advice services.

Please note we may make pre-application details available once an application for the works has been submitted. 

Please note our fees increased on January 2024.


Duty planner service

We offer two types of duty planner advice, depending on the specifics of the address and proposal. It is the responsibility of the enquirer to request the correct category of advice. 

Our duty planner services cover the below list of developments:

  • Loft conversion/roof alterations
  • Rear extension
  • Side extension
  • Front extension/porch
  • Basement
  • Outbuilding (for use by occupants of the main dwelling)
  • Boundary wall/fence
  • Means of access and/or front garden alterations (including hard surfacing)
  • Solar panels


Duty planner - standard service, phone appointment £149 (inclusive of VAT)

This service is available to discuss a single new development from the list above. If you wish to discuss multiple developments please see our advanced service below.

The standard service cannot be used if your address is in a conservation area or is a statutory listed building. You can check your address on our imap. If your address is in a conservation area or is a statutory listed building then please see our advanced service below.

Payment will be made as part of the appointment booking.

The appointment consists of a 20 minute phonecall (booked in advance). Appointments are available between 10am and midday every Monday, Thursday and Friday. A planning officer will call you at the beginning of the appointment slot you book (please do not go to Lynton House). 

This service will not provide a written statement from the Planning Service, but you can make any notes you wish during the meeting. If you have any plans of your proposed development you can provide these at least 2 working days before your appointment through a contact form.  The planning officer can then take these into account for your appointment.

We also encourage you to read our Housing Design SPD (PDF 4.3MB) prior to your appointment.

Book a duty planner standard appointment

Your payment is only refundable if notification of cancellation is provided at least two working days prior to the appointment using a contact form.


Duty planner - advanced service: written advice £274 (inclusive of VAT), optional phone appointment an extra £149 (inclusive of VAT)

This service is available to discuss multiple new developments from the list above. 

This service must also be used for any development (from the list above) if your address is in a conservation area or is a statutory listed building . You can check your address on our imap.

You must submit your advice request online.

We will issue the written advice statement within 20 days of receipt of payment (the optional appointment will be arranged as soon as possible by the planning officer).

Payment can be made online at time of submission.  If you do not wish to pay on submission then you can submit and pay after - we will contact you following submission with instructions on how to pay using our automated phone line (we aim to contact you within two working days). If you do not pay on submission then please do not attempt to make payment before we have contacted you as this will likely cause a delay to processing your request.

If you have any plans of your proposed development please include these with your submission. 

We also encourage you to read our Housing Design SPD (PDF 4.3MB) prior submission.

Request duty planner advanced advice

Once your request is allocated to a planning officer the fee becomes non-refundable.