Current Consultations

The following consultations have now ended

Redbridge Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) Funding Programme

Redbridge Council recently consulted with the community on the new Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) Funding Programme. The consultation has ended, the new funding programme is now launched, and the council is accepting applications for NCIL funding from community groups in the borough.

What is NCIL?

NCIL is a portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) awarded to local people to initiate and support community-led projects.

Public consultation

A 6-week consultation period for the new NCIL funding programme began on 22 May and ended on 3 July 2024. As part of the consultation members of the community were asked to vote for their top priorities for funding NCIL projects in their local area and the following project categories were chosen:

  1. Greening the Borough– examples can include projects for improving local public gardens and open spaces, planting projects, or support for existing greening projects.
  2. Health and Wellbeing – projects that promote walking, sports and general health and fitness for all ages.
  3. Environmental Sustainability – for example projects that support the council’s climate change action plan through local initiatives and help reduce carbon emissions.
  4. Sustainable Transport – can include support for projects relating to walking and cycling or improving infrastructure for sustainable transport.
  5. Community Safety – projects that help guard against crime, or support road safety around schools etc.
  6. Empowering young people – projects that encourage youth representation, provide mentoring, and help young people explore their interests and potential.

What happens next?

Now that the NCIL funding programme is launched Redbridge Council is inviting applications for funding. You can make a funding application by visiting the application submissions webpage for Redbridge Council's new Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) Funding Programme.

Wanstead Grove Conservation Area appraisal and management plan (CAAMP) consultation

Redbridge Council recently consulted on the Wanstead Grove Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (CAAMP) consultation draft.

Public consultation

A 12-week consultation period for the draft Wanstead Gove Conservation  Area Appraisal and Management Plan ran between 22 January and 15 April 2024.

A public meeting was held between on 7 February 2024 at the  at Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road, Wanstead E11 2RQ.

A report regarding the public consultation is being drafted and will go to a Cabinet meeting scheduled for 12 September 2024.