Local Plan Archive

Local Plan Archive

The Local Plan was adopted on 15 March 2018 following an Examination in Public and consultation under the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.


The Inspector's Report concluded that the Redbridge Local Plan is "sound" and that it provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the borough, provided that a number of main modifications are made.

Redbridge Local Plan Inspector's Report (PDF 392 KB)

Appendix - Main Modifications (PDF 1.1 MB)

Schedule of Proposed Additional Modifications (PDF 735 KB)

Notice of Publication of the Inspector's Report (PDF 216 KB)


The Main Modifications Consultation closed on 27 November 2017.

A summary of representations and Council responses is available here: CED 062 Summary of Main Modification Responses (PDF 455 KB)

Alongside the Additional (minor) Modifications (AMs) set out in the Schedule of Proposed Additional Modifications (CED059), the Council made three further AMs to the Plan.

CED 063 Additional Modifications Update December 2017 (PDF 274 KB)

Statutory Consultees

Consultee Reference Number
Conservators of Epping Forest (City of London Corporation) R00360
Greater London Authority R01213
Highways England R01123
Historic England R01218
Amec Foster Wheeler for National Grid R01209
Natural England R01097
NHS Redbridge CCG R01263
Sport England R00325
Savills for Thames Water R01211

Residents and Community Groups

Consultee Reference Number
Ken Bean R00105
B Bliss R01262
Clive Durdle R01259
Jin Goodfellow R01265
Simon Griffith R01260
Mark Ling R01264
Kevin Page, London Green Belt Council R01168
Chris Gannaway, London Wildlife Trust R01090
Peter Mann R01266
Rick Mayston R01261
Meenakshi Sharma, Neighbourhoods Of Ilford South Engage (NOISE) R00468
Paul Scott R01180
Seven Kings and Newbury Park Residents Association R00411
Nicky Tranmer, South Woodford Society R00108


The proposed modifications to the Local Plan, and accompanying Sustainability Assessment addenda and Habitats Regulations Assessment addenda are set out below.

For ease of reference and to help understanding of the main modifications, please see a summary here.

The following documents have been updated or produced since the hearing sessions and are provided to assist and inform consultees in understanding the rationale and justification behind the main modifications.


Examination Hearing Sessions and Documents

On 3 March 2017, we submitted the Redbridge Local Plan and supporting documents to the Secretary of State for independent examination.

The Regulation 22 Notice of Submission (PDF 211KB) will give you information about the submission.

Inspector David Smith was appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether the Redbridge Local Plan is sound through a series of hearings.

The Examination hearing sessions took place in June and July 2017. Please refer to documents in the examination hearings section for more details. Information will be updated throughout the examination process.



The examination documents

Inspector's Documents

Council's Documents


The statements have been submitted in response to the Inspector’s Issues and Questions by the Council and Representors. These are organised by the issue number they refer to, with the Council statements appearing first. The appendix documents to the Council Statements have been published on this page.

Opening Statement

Issue 1 Legal Compliance

Issue 2 Vision & Objectives

Issue 3 Development Strategy

Issue 4 Investment & Growth Areas

Issue 4a Ilford

Issue 4a Crossrail Corridor

Issue 4a South Woodford

Issue 4a Barkingside

Issue 5 Housing

Issue 6 Green Belt

Issue 11 Other Opportunity Sites





The Local Plan is supported by a robust evidence base and a policies map which identifies key geographical information and sites.

View the inset maps:

The Evidence Base documents have informed the preparation of the Draft Local Plan.

Evidence Base Documents

Unique evidence base reference number

Air quality


High Level Transport Study (Air Quality Report) (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.62

High Level Transport Study (Billet Road Air Quality Report) (PDF 2MB)

LBR 2.63

Borough Profile


Redbridge Borough Profile (PDF 9MB)

LBR 2.94



Redbridge Environmental Action Plan (REAct) 2010-2018 (PDF 2MB)

LBR 2.64



Oakfield Pitch relocation and improvement feasibility report (PDF 3MB)

LBR 2.44.1

Oakfield Pitch relocation and improvement feasibility report Options (PDF 3MB)

LBR 2.44.5

Feasibility report for Goodmayes park extension pitch re-provison (PDF 2MB)

LBR 2.44.6

Feasibility report for Goodmayes layout options (PDF 705KB)

LBR 2.44.7

Green Belt


Green Belt Review [January 2017] (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.41

Green Belt Review Appendix 1 [July 2010 PPG2 assessment] (PDF 19MB)

LBR 2.41a

Green Belt Review Appendix 2 [August 2013 addendum] (PDF 4MB)

LBR 2.41b

Green Belt Review Appendix 3 (February 2015 addendum update] (PDF 8MB)

LBR 2.41c

Green Belt Review Appendix 4 [site photographs] (PDF 9MB)

LBR 2.41d

Green Belt Review Appendix 5 [Green Belt maps] (PDF 9MB)

LBR 2.41e

Green Belt Review Addendum [February 2017] (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.41.1

Green Belt Review Addendum [Green Belt review map] Appendix 1 (PDF 5MB)

LBR 2.41.2

Green Belt Review Addendum Appendix 2 [details of Green Belt alterations] (PDF 4MB)

LBR 2.41.3

Concept Masterplans Green Belt release sites (PDF 4MB)

LBR 2.78

Health and Wellbeing


Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2013-2016 (PDF 5MB)

LBR 2.92

Children and Young People’s Plan 2015-2018 (PDF 10MB)

LBR 2.93



Appendix 1 – Development Opportunity Site Review (PDF 168KB) superseded

LBR 2.06
North East London Strategic Housing Market Assessment (Report of findings) (PDF 4MB) LBR 2.01

North East London Strategic Housing Market Assessment (Executive summary) (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.01.1

Redbridge Gypsy & Travellers Accommodation Assessment (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.02

Redbridge Council Empty Properties Strategy 2012-15 (PDF 104KB)

LBR 2.03

Redbridge Housing Strategy - 2014 – 2019 (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.04

The London Strategic Housing Land and Availability Assessment 2013 (PDF 2MB)

LBR 2.05

The London Strategic Housing Land and Availability Assessment Sites Map (PDF MB)

LBR 2.05.1

The London Strategic Housing Land and Availability Assessment Site Summary (PDF 4MB)

LBR 2.05.2



Primary Care Capacity Plan (PDF 4.57MB)

LBR 2.22

Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2015-2030 (PDF 2MB)

LBR 2.21



Minerals Report (Land at Willow Farm) (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.65

Minerals Report (Land at Forest Road) (PDF 1B)

LBR 2.66

Open Space


Redbridge Open Spaces Study (PDF 14MB)

LBR 2.42

Redbridge Open Spaces Study (Appendices (excluding appendix 2) (PDF 9MB)

LBR 2.42.1

Redbridge Open Spaces Study (Appendix 2) (PDF 15MB)

LBR 2.42.2

Redbridge Open Spaces Study Maps (PDF 19MB)

LBR 2.42.3 (part 1)

Redbridge Open Spaces Study updated Figure 1.1 (PDF 4MB)

LBR 2.42.3 (part 2)

Redbridge Open Spaces Study updated Figure 3.1 (PDF 11MB)

LBR 2.42.3 (part 3)

Redbridge Playing Pitch Strategy (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.43

Alternative Playing Pitch Sites Assessment (PDF 4MB)

LBR 2.44


Alternative Playing Pitch Sites Assessment - Appendix A (PDF 50KB)

LBR 2.44.2

Alternative Playing Pitch Sites Assessment - Appendix B (PDF 4MB)

LBR 2.44.3

Alternative Playing Pitch Sites Assessment - Appendix C (PDF 3MB)

LBR 2.44.4

Redbridge Biodiversity Action Plan (PDF 6MB)

LBR 2.45

Spatial Strategy Topic Paper
Spatial Topic Paper (PDF 514KB) LBR 1.04

Statements of Common Ground


Statement of Common Ground between the London Borough of Redbridge and the Environment Agency (PDF 200KB)

LBR 4.01

Statement of Common Ground between the London Borough of Redbridge and London Borough of Newham (PDF 150KB)

LBR 4.02

Statement of Common Ground between the London Borough of Redbridge and London Borough of Waltham Forest (PDF 200KB)

LBR 4.03

Tall Buildings


Tall Buildings Study (PDF 31MB)

LBR 2.77

Town Centres and Employment


Local Economic Assessment (PDF 2MB)

LBR 2.31

Redbridge Economic Strategy Development - Baseline (PDF 8MB)

LBR 2.32

Employment Land Review (PDF 4MB)

LBR 2.33

Employment Land Review – Appendix 2 (Site Assessment Sheets) (PDF 6MB)

LBR 2.33.1

Retail Capacity Assessment Report (PDF 500KB)

LBR 2.34

Retail Capacity Assessment - Appendix 1 [map of catachment zones] (PDF 3MB)

LBR 2.34.1

Retail Capacity Assessment - Appendix 2 [household survey] (PDF 73KB)

LBR 2.34.2

Retail Capacity Assessment - Appendix 3 [household survey tables] (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.34.3

Retail Capacity Assessment - Appendix 4 [convenience goods] (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.34.4

Retail Capacity Assessment - Appendix 5 [comparison goods] (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.34.5

Retail Site Opportunities Assessment 2015 (PDF 175KB)

LBR 2.35

Retail Site Opportunities Assessment 2015 Appendix 1 [plan of town centres] (PDF 1,571KB)

LBR 2.35.1

Retail Site Opportunities Assessment 2015 Appendix 2 [site assessments] (PDF 4,179KB)

LBR 2.35.2

Employment, Skills and Enterprise Plan (PDF 300KB)

LBR 2.36



Transport Assessment (PDF 9MB)

LBR 2.50

Phase 1 High Level Transport Study (PDF 1MB)

LBR 2.51

High Level Transport Study (Billet Road) (PDF 11MB)

LBR 2.52.1

High Level Transport Study (Oakfields and Goodmayes) (PDF 10MB)

LBR 2.52.2

Local Implementation Plan (PDF 9MB)

LBR 2.53

Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (PDF 400KB)

LBR 2.54

Urban Design


Seven Kings Urban Integration Study Report (PDF 43,86KB)

LBR 2.71

Goodmayes Urban Integration Study Report (PDF 45,106KB)

LBR 2.72

Ilford Urban Integration Study Report (PDF 26,952KB)

LBR 2.73

Chadwell Heath Urban Integration Study Report (PDF 27MB)

LBR 2.74

Redbridge Characterisation Study (Part 1) (PDF 16MB)

LBR 2.75.1

Redbridge Characterisation Study (Part 2) (PDF 3MB)

LBR 2.75.2

Redbridge Characterisation Study (Part 3) (PDF 10MB)

LBR 2.75.3

Redbridge Archaeology Priority Areas Appraisal (PDF 13.5MB)

LBR 2.76



Viability Assessment and Community Infrastructure Levy Review (PDF 3MB)

LBR 2.11



Flood Risk Sequential and Exception Test (PDF 300KB)

LBR 2.60

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Level 1) (PDF 17MB)

LBR 2.61.1

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Level 2) (PDF 4MB)

LBR 2.61.2

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Level 2 Addendum) (PDF 5MB)

LBR 2.61.3



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