Deferred members

A deferred member is one that has stopped paying into the scheme but is not yet receiving a pension.

If you are a deferred pensioner your benefits are frozen. These benefits however attract an annual increase and keep up with the cost of living - even though you no longer work for the employer. 

As a deferred member you will receive an Annual Benefit Statement which shows the benefits you have accrued and any pensions increase that has been applied and how much they will be worth on retirement. 

It is vital that you contact us if you move or change address. Failure to do this may cause a delay in issuing your payment when it is due. 


The following section provides key news topics relevant for deferred members. 

Pensions Increase 2020

The Government has approved the rate of increase for all public service pensions. The increase is effective from 6 April 2020 and is 1.7%.

The increase is set by reference to the Consumer Price Index in September 2019. It does not reflect the performance of the Pension Fund and we do not have the power to pay an additional increase.


Deferred Pensioner Members Forms

Change of address form (PDF 30KB)

Bank Credit authorisation for Pensioners (PDF 30KB)