Essential user parking permits

You can get an essential user parking permit if you work for or are connected to a health service, Redbridge Council, The Metropolitan Police or fire service.

Permits are available for 12 months and cost £396.


To apply for an essential user parking permit you must follow these steps:

Step 1: Prove your eligibility

To prove your eligibility for an essential user permit we need:

Proof of employment

A letter on headed stationery from your employer confirming employment and that the vehicle is for essential business use.

Proof of vehicle ownership

If you are the registered owner, please provide a photocopy of one of the following documents as proof of ownership.  The document must clearly show your name, address and registration number:

  • vehicle registration document
  • valid certificate of insurance and policy schedule with your name as the main policyholder
  • a sales invoice for the vehicle

If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, please provide a photocopy of one of the following documents as proof that you have the right to use the vehicle:

  • signed and dated letter from your employer (if using company car) stating that you are an employee of the company and
    • vehicle registration number and address where the vehicle will be kept
    • a copy of the logbook and lease agreement showing the vehicle is registered to that company
  • hiring or leasing agreement
  • a valid certificate of insurance/policy schedule

Photocopies must be clear. If the information cannot be read, it may delay your application.

Step 2: Complete a permit application form

The application form pack includes guidance on how to complete the application form and how to use your permit. You should read this information thoroughly before you complete the application form. 

Download an essential user parking permit application form (PDF 111KB)


Renewals or replacement


essential user permit application renewal form (PDF 106KB)


If a permit has been lost or stolen – We will issue you with a replacement permit. The replacement permit will show the same expiry date as your previous permit. There is a £24.75 admin charge for replacement permits to cover our costs.

To apply for a replacement permit please contact the Parking Team as soon as possible:

Please kindly provide your contact number along with vehicle registration and permit reference.


Change of details

If you have moved, changed your name or have a new vehicle you need to inform us:

Download a change of details form (PDF 153KB)

If you are changing your vehicle you must return your current permit along with the change of details form.

There is a £24.75 admin charge for changes made to permits to cover our costs.

You should receive your permit through the post within 10 working days from the date we receive your application.  



To cancel and get a refund on your permit you must complete a refund form (PDF 153KB) and return your permit to parking management via email with a photo attached of your destroyed permit crossed out with a black marker with an “X” we will then cancel this on our system.

We will issue a refund for any time remaining on the permit, minus a £24.75 admin fee. 

We will then issue a refund either over the telephone or to the card which was used to pay where most applicable.

You should receive your permit through the post within 10 working days from the date we receive your application.