On-street and season parking charges

From Monday 25 April 2022 the pay and display charges are changing on all car parks. In addition, parking permit prices are also changing. Further details can be found on the Notice of Variation page

Parking permit applications received before Monday 25 April 2022 will be charged at the current price and parking permit applications received from Monday 25 April 2022 will be charged at the new price.


One hour free parking is available to everyone at our local on-street pay and display bays.

How it works

  • you can get a free one hour ticket from the nearest pay and display machine from where you have parked
  • press the green button for your ticket
  • you should display this on your car dashboard as normal
  • alternatively, a free one hour session can be obtained through RingGo using the details on the side of the machine RingGo service to pay on your mobile

You will receive a penalty charge notice if no ticket is displayed or if your time has expired. Free sessions can only be used once and must not be used one after the other.


On street pay and display charges

Parking charges are displayed on pay and display machines.


Season ticket

You can buy a season ticket through the cashless payment system RingGo, except for the school drop off/pick up season ticket. Season tickets allow you to park in designated areas or your chosen car park for:

  • one month
  • three months
  • six months
  • one year

The charges vary for each car park or area and can be viewed by entering the 4-5 digit location code for the required car park and selecting prices from the car park's information page.  

Car parks have a limited number of season ticket spaces and may get full, we will let you know if this is the case.

Season tickets issued are only valid for the car park requested, you cannot use your season ticket in another car park.

  • Cranbrook Road RingGo location code 7102
  • Courtway RingGo location code 7101
  • Craven Gardens RingGo location code 7103
  • Derby Road RingGo location code 7104
  • Eastwood Close RingGo location code 7105
  • Goodmayes Road RingGo location code 7106
  • Grove Park RingGo location code 7107
  • High Road South Woodford RingGo location code 7115
  • Ley Street multi-storey car park RingGo location code 17191
  • Mulberry Way RingGo location code 7109
  • Seven Kings High Road RingGo location code 7108
  • Sir James Hawkey Hall RingGo location code 7110
  • Station Road RingGo location code 7111
  • Viaduct - George Lane RingGo location code 7127
  • Viaduct - Eastwood RingGo location code7116
  • Wangey Road RingGo location code 7122
  • School drop off - pick up permit application form (PDF 32KB)


If a pay and display machine is not working

All of our pay and display machines are checked regularly and faults are repaired as soon as possible. If you find a pay-and-display machine that is out of order, please either: 

  • Use the RingGo cashless payment system


  • Move your vehicle to the nearest bay that has a working pay-and-display machine


Report a fault

To report a faulty pay and display machine please email parkingandtrafficenforcement@redbridge.gov.uk with the following information:

  • The street or car park where the machine is located
  • The location ID that is displayed at the bottom of the tariff information
  • What has indicated a fault


RingGo cashless payments

You can use RingGo to make cashless parking payments over the phone or by text using the RingGo app.

To use this service you should follow the instructions on the pay and display machine noting the 4-5 digit reference number for your location. 

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