Bank holiday parking

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On bank holidays we will not enforce:

  • resident or shared use bays
  • single yellow lines (except where kerb chevrons indicate that a loading ban is in operation or those that are operational on a Sunday)
  • pay and display bays
  • business permit holder bays
  • doctor’s bays
  • loading bays
  • motorcycle bays


We will continue to enforce:

  • red routes (please see further information below)
  • double yellow lines
  • single yellow lines that are operational on a Sunday
  • where a loading ban is in operation (indicated by a single/double yellow line with adjacent kerb chevrons and a nearby sign stating the hours during which loading is not permitted)
  • bus stops
  • footway parking
  • zig-zag lines
  • parking across a dropped footway
  • double parking
  • Car Club bays
  • coach bays
  • dedicated disabled permit holder bays
  • electric vehicle charging bays
  • suspended bays


Can I park on a yellow line?

You cannot park unless there is a sign that says that you can do so.

You will need to check any nearby signs on the road. 

If there aren't any signs it will mean that you are in a controlled parking zone. In this case you will need to know which area you are in.

View the map of our controlled parking zones in Redbridge.


Can I park on a Red line?

A red route zone is either a double or a single red line at the side of the carriageway. This means that you cannot stop at the side of the road.  

Red routes on Cranbrook Road (Ilford) are enforced by Redbridge. Private hire vehicles are NOT permitted to stop on this red route. 

All other red routes in Redbridge are enforced by Transport for London. For information about how to pay penalty charge notices issued on these red routes please visit Transport for London (TfL).