Tree pit adoption form

As part of our community gardening initiative, residents are encouraged to adopt tree pits for planting. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring together neighbours and help your street bloom.

In addition to adopting the tree pit you may carry out minor works to maintain the tree.

Terms and conditions

By completing the following form, you notify us of your intention, and agree and accept the following conditions:

  • When working on the street you must be sensible and safe. You may not work from the road and you must be aware of other users of the street (pedestrians and vehicles).
  • All adoptions are for a minimum of one year, at the end of the year you must re- notify us of your intention to adopt the pit.
  • Only the use of hand tools are permitted and the use of scythes, machetes and similar single bladed tools are not permitted.
  • Gloves should be worn and please be aware that there may be broken glass in the tree pit.
  • You may not plant anything apart from wild flower seeds.
  • You may not dig in the tree pit or otherwise disturb the tree roots.
  • You may lightly till the surface of the tree pit to plant wild flower seeds.
  • You may not apply any pesticides.
  • Wild flowers must be cut down in the winter in preparation of the new growing season.
  • If wildflowers droop into the road or over the footpath then these should be cut back to remove the obstruction.


In addition to this:

  • You may litter pick and keep the tree pit and footway outside you house clear of rubbish.
  • You may remove low branches and low tree growth that are smaller in diameter than your thumb, only using secateurs and you should only remove branches to head height, please do not prune trees during the first three years of planting and do not prune branches overhanging a parked vehicle.
  • Young trees that still have a support stake may be watered during the spring and summer period and 2 litres of water a day will help the tree establish.
  • You will be responsible for the disposal of all cut material.



By filling out this form you agree to the terms and conditions.

Apply to adopt a tree pit


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