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We believe it’s vital to raise a generation of well informed, responsible citizens who can play a positive part in their community now and in the future.

Our current local and global scene is full of environmental challenges, from litter blighting in our neighbourhoods to distressing scenes of devastation in our oceans.

Our education programme can offer your school the chance to:

Become an Eco School

The Eco-Schools Programme is pupil-led; involves hands-on, real-world learning and gets the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects.

By following simple steps, and choosing ONE topic to focus on you can earn your first award.

The programme has infinite possibilities, is easy to follow, and hits the nail on the head.

Ten topics to catch the imagination including:

  • Marine
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy
  • Litter
  • Waste
  • Transport
  • Water
  • School Grounds
  • Healthy Living
  • Global Citizenship

Our team can support you with:

  • How to get started
  • How to progress
  • Free visits to your Eco Committee meetings
  • Project support – various types, let’s chat!
  • Free lessons and assemblies to support your projects – tailor made to your school curriculum and interests.

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