Salsa Sweep - Dancing the Streets Clean

A local dancing group Salsa Sweep took to the streets to fight against fly-tipping on Ilford High Road. 

Why is Salsa Sweep dancing salsa?

Salsa Sweep love dancing salsa and love clean streets. They have combined their two passions to spread the message that dumping bulky rubbish and furniture on our streets is not acceptable!

Who is Salsa Sweep?

Local salsa dancers who are passionate about looking after their local environment and streets. They have had enough of people dumping black bags, furniture and bulky rubbish on the streets- it is not acceptable.

What can I do?

Make sure you dispose of your waste responsibly. You can book a free bulky waste collection, contact your local charity shop for a free collection or visit the Chigwell Re-use and Recycle Centre.

Do not dump your black bags, furniture or rubbish on our streets. This is an offence and you can face a fine.

Learn more about how to get rid of your bulky waste

Myths busted

  • If I place my furniture outside of my house somebody will take it and benefit from it.

It is an offence to place your furniture on the pavement, street or public highway and you could face a minimum of £400 fine. Also, the item of furniture or household item will not be of much use after it has been damaged by rain and foxes.

  • I can put my furniture/ bulky waste out with my normal household rubbish collection and it will be collected.

Furniture and bulky waste will not be collected as part of the ordinary household rubbish collection. If you place this on the highway this will be considered a fly-tip and you may face a minimum fine of £400.

  • It’s acceptable to put a plastic bag/ rubbish next to a street bin as it will be collected.

Rubbish does not belong outside of a bin. Placing a bag next to a public bin is considered a fly-tip and you may face a £400 fine. It is your responsibility to dispose of your bag of rubbish via your household waste collection, business waste agreement or you can take it to the local tip (Reuse and Recycle centre).

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