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Be Like Santa, Make a List and save money and waste this Christmas!

The gist of Santa's list:
Lists prevent overbuying
Lists prevent waste of presents, trimmings and food
Lists mean you give and receive gifts you actually want 
Lists mean we don't throw money down the drain...

We throw away an awful lot of stuff at this time of year. A quick internet search will give you lots of ideas to save money and waste. Our top tips are for food planning and correct storing to reduce food waste. Visit Love Food Hate Waste website for more information and remembering the hierarchy of gifting we shared last year....

Enjoy those lists and the festive season! 


We're looking forward to 2020!

More Play Streets, more eco actions, more waste busting, more litter picking, more tree planting!

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National Tree Week 2019

Once again Redbridge celebrated National Tree Week between 23 November 2019 to 5 December 2019.

Last year we made successful bids from the GLA through the Greener City Fund Community Tree Planting fund and planted 36 trees at four schools and five public sites.

This year we planted 50 trees at nine schools and three public sites between the 25 November 2019 and the 6 December 2019.


Junior Citizens Week

The Neighbourhood Education and Engagement Team attend the Junior Citizen Scheme twice a year for borough pupils in Year 6 run by the MET Police. This is a fabulous chance to give our young people the full facts about littering and caring for their local community.


Blooms at Hainault Tube

We secured funding to brighten up Hainault Tube Station. 

We had a fun public planting day on the 19 October 2019. Have a look as you travel around Hainault!


Bloomin' Businesses

The Neighbourhood Officers secured funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy to purchase on street planters.

These were adopted by local businesses in October 2019 on our high streets who installed, planted and will maintain them.

The planters will add colour to our streets and really see local people taking responsibility for their environment.

See the planters at:

  • Fulwell Parade Shops
  • Claybury Broadway
  • Broadway Market Fencepiece Road


Angry Rubbish 

The Great British Spring Clean 2019

We have worked with many fantastic residents, community groups and schools to clean up our borough as part of the Keep Britain Tidy Great British Spring Clean- we had over 750 volunteers participate in Redbridge over the campaign month! A big thank you to all the volunteers and partners who ran activities and got their hands dirty and to those #LitterHeroes that took part in other clean-up events- joining 563,163 volunteers across the country!


Salsa Sweep - Dancing the Streets Clean

A local dancing group Salsa Sweep took to the streets to fight against fly-tipping on Ilford High Road. Salsa Sweep love dancing salsa and love clean streets. They combined their two passions to spread the message that dumping bulky rubbish and furniture on our streets is not acceptable!

Salsa Sweep are local salsa dancers who are passionate about looking after their local environment and streets. They have had enough of people dumping black bags, furniture and bulky rubbish on the streets- it is not acceptable.

This was complemented with a tongue-in-cheek fly-tip art installation.

We supported Salsa Sweep after they approached us with their idea. If you have any ideas you would like support with contact your local Neighbourhood Engagement Officer.



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