paypoint screen

Redbridge introduces new parking payment service in the borough that accepts cash

Published: 21 March 2024

Local people now have more parking payment options available to them thanks to a network of PayPoint sites across the borough that are able to accept cash payments for parking.

The widely recognised PayPoint scheme gives people the opportunity to pay for a range of goods and services at any local retailer or business signed up as a PayPoint site.

More than 100 sites exist across the borough already and since the start of March they have also been activated to accept payment for parking, including in the form of cash.

PayPoint outlets can be located on Outlets also feature the PayPoint logo and signage on their building facades to help users easily identify them.

To use PayPoint for parking payments:

  • park your car in a “paid for parking” space
  • note the location code displayed near to it
  • go to your nearest PayPoint outlet, which can be found on:
  • tell the outlet that you want to pay for parking and give your location code and duration for parking.
  • the PayPoint outlet will create you session and charge you the relevant amount

PayPoint is being offered as an additional option alongside the already main existing methods of payment via RingGo, using the RingGo app, visiting the RingGo website or by calling RingGo on 0203 046 0010

With RingGo remaining the dominant method of parking payment across the borough, local people are still being encouraged to register for a free RingGo account, which will enable them to make payments quickly from any smart device without the need to leave their vehicle.  Customers without a smart phone can still pay for parking by phoning RingGo on 0203 046 0010.

The introduction of PayPoint comes as Pay and Display machines in the borough get phased out due to the out-dated technology needed to operate it, combined with it being significantly underused and often subject to target by vandals and criminals.