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Outdated Pay and Display parking machines to be replaced with new service accepting cash

Published: 30 January 2024

Local people will have more parking payment options available to them in Redbridge thanks to a new payment service which will be introduced in the borough to replace Pay and Display machines.

From Thursday 1 February all Pay and Display machines in Redbridge will no longer be operational due to the out-dated technology needed to operate it. The machines are also currently underused and often targeted by vandals and criminals.

Local people and visitors will still be able to pay for parking using the RingGo app, visiting the RingGo website or by calling RingGo on 0203 046 0010

The machines will be physically removed from sites later this year, in conjunction with the introduction of PayPoint – a new service enabling people to pay for parking by cash, which hasn’t been accepted in Redbridge Pay and Display machines since 2019.

PayPoint is a widely recognised scheme offering people the opportunity to pay for a range of goods and services at any local retailer or business signed up as a PayPoint site.

At present, there are more than 100 PayPoint locations locally, and plans are currently underway to enable them to also accept payment for parking as an additional feature of the PayPoint service in Redbridge.

Once introduced into the borough, the new service will be offered as an additional option alongside already existing methods of payment, which includes payment over the phone.

RingGo will continue being the main method of payment for parking in the borough, and local people are encouraged to register for a free RingGo account, which will enable them to make payments quickly from any smart device without the need to leave their vehicle.  Customers without a smart phone can still pay for parking by phoning RingGo on 0203 046 0010.

Redbridge Cabinet Member for Environment and Civic Pride Cllr Jo Blackman, said: “Pay and Display machines are underused in the borough, subject to fraudulent tampering and costly to maintain. With fewer people using pay and display machines, it is time to remove them permanently – in line with what is happening across other London boroughs. The introduction of PayPoint as an alternative to Pay and Display machines also brings back the ability for people to pay by cash, something they have been unable to do. With more ways than ever to pay for parking, including with cash, we aim to make the service more inclusive for all.”

All Pay and Display machines in the borough will be non-operational from Thursday 1 February.  Signage with information on payment options will be available at all current Pay and Display sites and following the removal of the machines.

For more information on the removal of Redbridge’s Pay and Display machines, and the introduction of PayPoint go to: