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Have your say on our 2024/25 budget

Published: 4 January 2024


More than a decade of Government austerity has cut over half of Redbridge’s Government grant settlement funding. Having lost over 50p in every pound of grant settlement funding compared to 2010 levels, Redbridge Council has the equivalent of £152.4m less to spend on local services every year. To keep vital services running while balancing a squeezed budget, Redbridge Council has to make difficult decisions when prioritising spending.

Despite the challenges of rising inflation, increasing demand, and reduced government funding, Redbridge Council is innovating to continue to deliver more with less, and protecting the vital services that matter most to local people.

We’d like you to help inform the areas we should prioritise in Redbridge. What matters most to you, which areas do you think would have the greatest impact, keeping our communities safe and healthy and our borough a clean, green and welcoming place to live, work, and visit?
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Things to keep in mind:  

  • Our Government grant settlement funding has been cut by over half, the Council now receives less than 50% of the funding we received in 2010. 
  • As a result of Government austerity measures, we have the equivalent of £152 million less each year to spend on vital services.  
  • We are only able to keep a proportion of the Business Rates we collect.  
  • We are able to fund some projects with additional grants, for example lottery funding, but these are not guaranteed and must be used for very specific purposes, e.g. building new facilities.
  • We are able to invest in some infrastructure through a combination of internal and external funding, when facilities have a mechanism of repaying the investment, through income they generate. An example of this is the lido for Valentines Park.

Previously local people shared that safety was a key concern, as a result we are working with Police to deliver a ground-breaking Police Hub in Woodford, have launched a new Community Protection Taskforce aimed at tackling antisocial behaviour, and began our #ThisHasToStop campaign, calling out sexist street harassment. 

Your responses to the questions in the survey will be used to help us as we set the budget for our services in Redbridge for 2024-25.

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