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February Redbridge Wall of Shame: Help us find the grime crime offenders making a mess in our borough

Published: 15 February 2024

Redbridge is one of the greenest borough’s in London, with award winning parks and attractive local spaces, and we want to keep it that way.

Working closely with our local communities we are continuing to crackdown on grime crime offenders in our borough, and need your help identifying the culprits caught on camera dumping their rubbish on our streets.

CCTV footage released for the February edition of Redbridge Wall of Shame shows a man illegally dumping his rubbish in Green Lane by the Junction of Water Lane, in Ilford.

Five  images of fly-tips discovered locally are also featured.

Local people are being asked to come forward if they have any information relating to the offender in the footage, the fly-tip images featured, or if they have witnessed the incidents taking place.

Head to Redbridge Wall of Shame to view the footage:

If you can help identify the culprit or have information relating to the fly-tips that could help track down the offenders, please contact Redbridge Council on:

The law-breakers face a £1000 fine for fly-tipping, or prosecution if caught.

If you spot a fly-tip in the borough you can easily report it online through the council’s Report It page:

All fly tips made known to the council are recorded and investigated, with enforcement action being taken if evidence is found. The council aims to clear all recorded fly-tips on council land and the highway within 24 hours of it being reported.