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Update on Broadmead Road closure

Published: 15 September 2023

Update: published Thursday 14 September

Redbridge Council has issued the following update concerning the part closure of Broadmead Road, Woodford.

Surveys of the structure on Broadmead Road took place recently, and the engineers have confirmed the decision to close the structure was necessary. 

 Our Highways Team have commissioned designers to start producing designs for the propping up of the bridge. Further surveys will be carried out shortly, which will inform what other measures will be needed to allow some traffic over the bridge.

 We're waiting for confirmation from our designers on how long it will take for the props to be designed, produced and installed. There is currently no impact on the operation of the Central Line. Emergency services will have to use alternative routes for the time being.

 We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing.


Redbridge Council has an update about the closure of Broadmead Road.

On Thursday, 13 July, Redbridge Council undertook a structural survey of Broadmead Road. The survey outcome recommended immediate part closure of the road pending further assessment. Following guidance from the structural engineering team, Broadmead Road was closed between Charteris Road and St Barnabas Road.

Following agreement by Transport for London, we plan to conduct a survey of the structure in the week commencing 4 September. This survey will allow us to conduct a more robust inspection of the structure and inform us if we need to do further work to support the structure or if we can open the bridge at a reduced capacity and vehicular weight limit. 

 We are considering letting cyclists and pedestrians use the bridge in the coming week. In the meantime, we kindly ask people not to move the cones and barriers to drive over the bridge for their safety until further inspections are complete.

 In the meantime, the following restrictions are likely to apply when the bridge reopens for the foreseeable future:

  •  No vehicles above 7.5tn – which includes buses, but will possibly exempt fire engines on emergency calls, subject to Structural Engineer advice
  • Single lane in each direction and a potential 20mph speed limit

 There is currently no impact on the operation of the Central Line. Emergency service vehicles will have to use alternative routes for the time being.

The Council have instructed some urgent safety inspections to be undertaken on other structures to assess their risk profile and see if any other structures present the same risk as Broadmead Road Bridge.

 We apologise for any inconvenience and disruption this is causing commuters, cyclists and motorists. We will keep you updated with any new developments.


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