Urgent warning for Blue Badge holders in Redbridge

Published: 3 May 2024

Redbridge Council is warning users of council car parks to be alert following a series of recent incidents.

The Council believes that individuals may be posing as Parking Enforcement Officers in some of the borough's car parks. These impostors falsely claim to be council employees and convince Blue Badge holders to hand over money for parking.

It's important to remember that Blue Badge holders do not need to pay to park in Redbridge Council operated car parks. Unfortunately, recently fraudsters have persuaded people to enter their bank cards into out of service parking machine, only to be told the machine had swallowed their card and the only way to retrieve it was to enter their PIN. 

During one of the recent incidents, a man had £250 debited from his bank account.

People should be extra vigilant if approached by someone who claims to be a Parking Enforcement Officer and offers help with card payments. Council Parking Enforcement Officers will be happy to show photographic ID to prove they are genuine and will never ask you for your pin number.

Please report any incidents of this nature via the Met PoliceAction Fraud and Redbridge Council's Corporate Fraud Team on 0800 633 5267.