New Additional HMO Licensing Scheme approved 2023

How to apply for a Licence

To make sure you are applying for the correct type of property licence we advise you to read the information below. 

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On 30 May 2023, Redbridge Council approved a new borough wide Additional HMO Licensing scheme.  The scheme has extended licensing to all Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). 

View the designation map (91.5 KB) 

This means that any property which is rented to three or four occupiers forming two or more households that share (or lack) a toilet, personal washing facilities or cooking facilities needs to have an HMO Licence.  

This includes certain converted blocks of flats (known as Section 257 HMOs), but only where all accommodation units are privately rented, and the building and accommodation units are in the same ownership or control, or considered by the housing authority to be effectively under the same ownership or control. This includes buildings within mixed use developments or above non-residential premises. 

The Additional HMO licensing scheme will run alongside the existing Mandatory HMO licensing scheme. 

The requirement to licence under the scheme will come into force on Monday 18 September 2023 and will cease to have effect on 17 September 2028 or earlier if the Council revokes the scheme under section 60 of the Act. 

View the designation notice (191 KB)  

The introduction of this new HMO licensing scheme comes after a full consultation.  Overall, it was found that there are significant issues such as poor housing conditions, ineffective management, crime, and anti-social behaviour persisting within HMOs in the borough. 

Additional HMO licences granted by the council remain in force until the expiry date printed on the licence. It is important you continue to comply with all the licence conditions. 


Planning permission

Planning permission is required for most HMOs that are occupied by 3 or more unrelated persons. In 2019, the Council introduced an ’Article 4(1)’. This means that permitted development rights no longer apply to small HMO development. Please visit this page for more details.

It is your responsibility to obtain all relevant permissions to use your property as an HMO.  Please contact the Council's Planning Department for further information if in doubt.

There is a breach of planning law if an HMO hasn’t got the correct planning permission. To allow owners and landlords time to remedy this breach and so they are compliant with the legal requirements of Property Licensing, we will normally issue a one-year licence. All one-year licenses will be charged at full fee.


Additional HMO fees 2023

Number of households

Fee on application 

First instalment

Grant of a licence

Second instalment

Total fee


fee for accredited landlords


2 £600 £1008 £1608 £1573
3 £600  £1098 £1698 £1663
4 £600  £1200 £1800 £1765

*Discounted fee: Landlords who submit evidence of accreditation at the time of application will receive a £35 discount on the second installment fee.

If your property is occupied by five or more people living together as two or more separate households a Mandatory HMO licence is required NOW.   Failing to licence is a criminal offence and may prevent you evicting tenants.  For more information and to apply for a Mandatory HMO Licence 



If your HMO licence is granted there will be a number of conditions attached to the licence. Some of these conditions apply to all HMO licences and some may be specific to your HMO. You are required to comply with these conditions and the Council may request evidence from you to show that you are complying with them.  A compliance visit may be carried out at any time during the licence period.  

Additional HMO Licence Conditions


If you have any queries about whether licensing applies to your property, please email 


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