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Applying for a property licence

The processing team will continue to issue all licence applications and answer all enquiries. Applicants will still be able to apply for licences online and make application fee payments. Applications for temporary exemptions and requests for licence fee refunds will also continue. 


HMO licence applications will continue to be processed and if the information provided with the application suggests that the HMO is likely to be compliant then the licence may be granted with appropriate conditions and a compliance visit carried out when possible afterwards.


Inspections and visits

Compliance visits in respect of HMO licence applications and advisory visits to give advice on proposed HMO licence applications are being carried out as normal subject to government guidance on national and local lockdowns.


Landlords unable to access an advisory visit will still be able to get advice on HMO space, amenity and fire precaution standards from a Housing Enforcement Officer by emailing their enquiries to You can also find all necessary advice on our website.


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Check the property licensing map to see if you require a licence for a home you rent out privately within Selective Scheme 2 which includes 12 wards.  The 12 wards being: Aldborough, Chadwell, Church End, Cranbrook, Fairlop, Goodmayes, Loxford, Mayfield, Newbury, Roding, Seven Kings and Snaresbrook.

All properties identified in the red chevron area require a licence.   

It is an offence to rent out a property to tenants without a licence. If your property is not licensed you must submit an application now to avoid being fined up to £30k or prosecuted.



Types of licence

The licence you need will depend on the location, type, size and number of people living in a rented property.

In Redbridge there are three different types of licences:

  • Mandatory House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
  • Selective Licensing - applies to all rental properties that are not Mandatory HMO's (5+ occupants forming 2 or more households) but are in one of the 12 designated areas.
  • Check the property licensing map to see if you require a selective licence under Selective Scheme 2 which includes the following wards: Aldborough, Chadwell, Church End, Cranbrook, Fairlop, Goodmayes, Loxford, Mayfield, Newbury, Roding, Seven Kings, Snaresbrook. 

All current Selective Licensing areas/postcodes are shown in red chevrons on the map - these are licensable.


Advisory visit

To obtain a HMO license you must first ensure that the property you intend to let is fully compliant with the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006, and the requirements of the Housing Act 2004. To comply with these requirements, you must :

  • Ensure that there is an adequate means of escape in the event of fire
  • Ensure that there are adequate other fire precaution measures installed

You must also ensure that the property is free from Category 1 hazards as defined by The Housing Act 2004 (Housing Health and Safety Rating System). Your property must also have adequate kitchen, bathroom and WC facilities for the level of occupancy you wish your property to be licensed for.

These requirements are clearly detailed in the Guidance Notes for Renting Out A Property.  However, an advisory visit to provide guidance on HMO requirements can be arranged with our enforcement officers upon request. There is a fee of £275 for this service. An advisory inspection will confirm what work you will need to carry out to make your property suitable for occupation as a HMO by a specified number of persons and households and will enable your HMO application to be processed more quickly.

To arrange an advisory visit please email 


Apply for a property licence


Once you have submitted your application and paid your initial deposit you can relax!  It is now over to the processing team to assign your application and process it. Currently, we are working six months in arrears due to the success and volume of licences and you may not hear from us straight away.

Once you have submitted a valid application you can start or continue to rent your property out.  Please refer to the Redbridge minimum property standards for guidance. Failure to submit a valid selective licence application may lead to a fine or prosecution.


If you are thinking of submitting or have submitted a valid HMO licence application you should email to arrange for an advisory visit to find out what works you need to carry out to enable the property to be occupied as a HMO whilst your application is pending.


If your property is currently occupied as a HMO and you have submitted a valid HMO application you will receive a compliance visit before a decision on your licence application is made. If your occupied HMO is found not to have a satisfactory means of escape or satisfactory fire precaution measures or lacks an adequate kitchen, bathroom or WC facilities, you will be charged the fee for an advisory visit and you may be fined or prosecuted for breaching HMO management regulations and may receive a statutory notice requiring you to carry out works. If the HMO is found to be unsafe the Council may have to prohibit or restrict occupation. It is your responsibility to ensure that your HMO is safe for occupation. Please also refer to the Redbridge minimum property standards for the expected HMO standards.


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