Apply for a property licence

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Check the property licensing map to see if you require a licence for a home you rent out privately within Scheme 1 and Scheme 2 in Redbridge. All properties in these 2 locations must have a licence in place before they can be rented out.

It is an offence to rent out a property to tenants without a licence. If your property is not licensed you must submit an application now to avoid being penalised up to £30k or prosecuted.


If you rent out a property in the London Borough of Redbridge you may need a licence. If you do not have a valid licence you may be and fined up to £30,000 for each unlicensed property or face an unlimited fine issued by the court. You must licence each property that you rent out.

Apply for a property licence

Types of licence

The licence you need will depend on the location, type, size and number of people living in a rented property.
In Redbridge there are three different types of licences:

Check if your property requires a selective licence



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