Housing Strategy

This strategy sets out our five-year plan to deliver the homes that people in Redbridge need.

Between December 2022 and March 2023, we undertook a consultation exercise and over 1,000 people shared their views with us. We heard how important a safe, warm and well-maintained home was to people’s health and wellbeing. We received strong public support for each of the following objectives:


  • Increase the supply of housing, particularly for local people on low-incomes and families.  

To do this we will increase our stock of Council homes, work with development partners to deliver the affordable homes our residents need and make the best use of the homes the borough already has.


  • Provide the homes that vulnerable residents need and support people to help prevent them from becoming homeless.

To do this we will focus on the needs of the most vulnerable, help people find a secure home, increase our supply of temporary accommodation and prioritise ways to prevent homelessness.


  • Improve the quality of homes, make them healthier places to live and increase their energy efficiency.

To do this we will invest in the housing we own, influence landlords to improve the properties they rent out and signpost ways for homeowners to upgrade their homes.


  • Put residents first by being easier to contact and dealing with resident’s concerns effectively. 

To do this we will improve the way we communicate with residents, use our enforcement powers to tackle issues and help people get the advice they need.


For more in formation read our 2023 Housing Strategy