Facing eviction - what you can do

Disputes with your landlord

A number of issues could lead to a dispute between you and your landlord. Some of the most common disputes are:

  • repairs
  • rent arrears
  • refunds of deposits
  • anti-social behaviour 
  • evictions

In most cases getting early advice can prevent the situation from getting worse. Many disputes can be resolved. We try to resolve disputes between private landlords and their tenants. However, if an agreement cannot be reached – it is important that both you and your landlord seek help and further advice as soon as possible.

For help and advice, contact the Housing Options team

I have been asked to leave my home (evictions)

If you have been asked to leave your home you must be given a written notice. If this happens contact us immediately. We can check whether you have a legal right to stay in your current property and you may not have to leave just because you've been told to.

The amount of protection you will have depends on the type of tenancy or licence agreement which you hold including:

  • when the tenancy began
  • the type of tenancy or licence which you hold
  • the reason why the landlord wants the property back

Further information

If you are threatened with homelessness and you have not found anywhere else to live, the Housing Service may be able to advise you. View more information on our homelessness page.

For more detailed information about evictions, visit the Shelter website.

Illegal eviction

It is a criminal offence for a landlord or an agent to unlawfully evict you. Offenders can face fines or even imprisonment. We may prosecute offending landlords.

If you are being harassed or have been illegally evicted contact the Housing Options team for further help and advice.

Read Shelter's guide on how to deal with illegal eviction. The guide includes your rights and what to do.

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