Environmental services

Environmental Services are provided on Council estates to communal areas and to some Council managed street properties by our caretaking and grounds maintenance staff.


Working hours for caretaking staff are from 8am to 4pm (Monday to Friday).  A limited service is provided to high rise blocks at weekends and public holidays.

Contact 0800 393994 or 020 8498 8000 for urgent matters only outside of these hours

Our caretaking staff wear a uniform and carry identification.  Most of our caretakers work as part of a mobile team serving various estates within their patch.

Service includes:

  • cleaning of hallways, stairs, landings, window ledges and light fittings
  • checks of refuse chutes and bin areas for blockages and excess refuse
  • cleaning and sweeping of bin rooms and chute rooms (if these are present)
  • cleaning and checking of lifts if applicable
  • sweeping of paths, roadways and car parks within the control of Housing Services
  • reporting abandoned vehicles
  • removing litter from Housing owned estate areas
  • reporting communal repairs and any emergencies such as fire, flooding, gas leaks, crime etc whilst on site
  • checking communal lights, replacing faulty light bulbs and reporting any defects, including faulty lamp posts
  • removal of items dumped or fly tipped on estates and to report those responsible, if known
  • advising residents on matters regarding their estate ie. the date(s) of rubbish collection, car parking and rubbish disposal
  • meeting health and safety requirements applicable to all tasks

Each estate or block which receives a caretaking service has a schedule for the duties that will be carried out based on the needs of the estate.  The schedule is normally posted on the block notice boards.

To request a copy of your estate's caretaking schedule please email environmental.services@redbridge.gov.uk stating your estate and block or call 020 8708 7629.

Every effort is made to ensure that you receive a regular and consistent service throughout the year, however, there may be rare occasions when staff shortages arise and there may be disruptions to service delivery. We request that residents bear with us at these times and we will ensure that all blocks are attended by staff who will carry out limited duties to meet health and safety requirements:

  • communal lighting will be checked and any defective lamps replaced or faults reported
  • refuse areas will be checked and tidied/cleaned if necessary
  • communal repairs will be reported
  • security and fire safety issues rectified or reported
  • litter cleared from site

All estates are inspected at least once a year by our staff during working hours (Monday to Friday).  In order to maintain a consistent standard we mark all our estates either A, B or C:

A =  excellent              B = acceptable             C = unacceptable

The estate inspection covers internal and external areas of the estate and refuse facilities.

An estate inspection report is posted on your estate notice board which will include the A, B or C rating plus details of any communal repairs reported or other issues to be followed up. If you would like to attend an estate inspection or request a copy of  your most recent estate inspection report,  please email resident.involvement@redbridge.gov.uk or call 020 8708 7629.

Estate inspection dates 2022 (meeting at 9.30am):

  • Pooles Court 16 March
  • St David's Court 6 April
  • Wallers Close 11 May
  • Shepherds Close 15 June 
  • Chelston Court 13 July
  • Elm Court 10 August
  • Aldborough Court 14 September
  • Copford Close 12 October
  • Cherry Court 9 November
  • Salway Close 7 December

If you are a resident of the above estates, you will receive a written invitation to attend your estate inspection informing you where to meet with our Environmental Services Team leader.   Posters will also be posted on estate notice boards.  Please wear a face covering when entering internal areas and remember to social distance.

  • keep communal areas  free from obstructions or personal items. Any articles left in communal areas such as   bikes, prams, pushchairs, children's toys, footwear, carpets, rugs and mats will be removed and the resident responsible recharged. Items left in communal areas constitute a fire safety risk and a trip hazard.
  • report obstructions in your communal area(s) by emailing environmental.services@redbridge.gov.uk  or calling 020 8518 2400 or 0800 393 994 (out of hours)
  • ensure all refuse is disposed of correctly ie. placed in the communal bins in tied black bags
  • do not leave refuse bags on the ground by the bin area or in hallways or landings where it can attract and/or get torn open by vermin. This encourages rats and mice to your estate.
  • pets - all fouling must be picked up by the pet owner and disposed of in their own black bin bag.

The Council's Grounds Maintenance team have now joined Housing's Environmental Services team to carry out grounds maintenance to Council estates. 

Grassed areas:

  • all grassed areas should be of an even, neat and tidy appearance at all times
  • grass clippings should be cleared from all hard surfaces (paths and car parks) following cutting but are not required to be removed from the grassed areas
  • any litter fragmented during grass cutting should be removed
  • the majority of grass cutting is carried out between March and November


  • privet hedges are pruned three times a year, pending weather/climate and growth
  • footpaths and entrances will remain clear of any obstructions


  • shrub pruning is only carried out once a year, between November and March. However, windows, paths and doorways should remain clear of vegetation at all times.
  • All cuttings from pruning should be removed from site

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