Housing anti social behaviour

Examples of anti-social behaviour include:

  • noise nuisance such as loud music, parties etc.
  • verbal abuse and using threatening behaviour
  • graffiti and vandalism
  • nuisance from vehicles
  • rubbish dumping
  • harassment

We understand that anti-social behaviour can impact on your quality of life.  Enforcement action is not the only way of stopping anti-social behaviour and we use a variety of tools, which provide a balance between preventative measures and legal sanctions.  Overall our main focus is to deal with the harm anti-social behaviour can cause.

How we handle anti-social behaviour issues

We will investigate your complaint confidentially and will only contact the person you are complaining about, or other agencies such as the police, with your consent.  Before taking action we'll agree this with you. Your case will be regularly reviewed and we'll update you at key stages.

Anti-social behaviour incident diary

To investigate and take action against people who cause anti-social behaviour, we must gather evidence; the best type of evidence is eyewitness reports from the person experiencing or witnessing the behaviour. We will usually ask you to keep a detailed anti-social behaviour incident diary to record incidents as they happen.

Contact us at housing.enquiries@redbridge.gov.uk for more information, to report a problem or to request and anti-social behaviour incident diary.

How you can help to prevent anti-social behaviour

We want you to feel safe living in your neighbourhood.  If you live in a block with a communal entrance intercom, please help to keep yourself and other residents safe and secure by:

  • not allowing non-residents to gain entry to your block who buzz your property number; only allow access to visitors you know 
  • not propping open your communal entrance door or allowing non residents to tailgate as you enter your block
  • reporting any concerns to your Housing Officer at housing.enquiries@redbridge.gov.uk
  • or dial 101 to report any criminal activity to the police


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