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Coronavirus: service update – Engagement with residents will be done remotely.

This includes newsletters, questionnaires, phone/email hotlines and chatroom sessions. For more information on the current council home building sites, please see more details below. 

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We have made a commitment to build 600 new, permanent, affordable council homes for rent on existing council-owned sites by 2022. On this page, you will find information relating to the current status of these schemes and their locations. We have secured funding from the GLA Building Homes for London for £20 million to help meet our delivery plans.

Our report on Delivering Affordable Homes (PDF 129KB)  provides more detailed information on how we plan to increase the supply of affordable housing with an overall commitment to delivering 1,000 new affordable homes in total by 2022.

We are committed to involving residents affected by the new build schemes and our  Resident Engagement Strategy (PDF 1163KB) sets out our approach to this.  

We are inviting local people to join a Community Review Panel (PDF 1531KB) which will comment on emerging proposals and quality standards for new council housing.

The panel will play an independent, advisory role in the programme of new council housing delivery, to ensure it is of the highest possible design quality and meets the needs of local residents. 

This opportunity is open to people from all backgrounds and does not require experience or knowledge of planning or architecture;  we want to actively engage with those whose voices are not being heard.

Please fill in the online form to join our Panel

The personal information (data) provided in the Community Review Panel application form is collected by Frame Projects for the purposes of recruitment, administration and monitoring of the Community Review Panel. This information will be shared with the London Borough of Redbridge.

Unless you direct otherwise, information from unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed after six months. All personal data is processed in accordance with GDPR.

Site Ward New homes Contractor  Status
Kielder Close, Hainault, IG6 Hainault  10 x 2 bed flats Aspen Regeneration Ltd 
  • construction work has recommenced following a break due to coronavirus. 
Site Ward New homes Contractor  Status

Marlyon Road, Chigwell,



45 x 1 bed flats

25 x 2 bed houses

11 x 3 bed houses

Engie Regeneration Ltd

  • site now open with operatives following strict social distancing rules 
  • works commenced on site in March 2019
  • service road created. New street and block named Tawney Crescent  

Consultation with residents on and around Marlyon Road began during 2016. The following changes to the proposed scheme were made as a result:

  • increased separation distances between homes
  • reduced overlooking into neighbouring gardens
  • increased privacy through added screening
  • reduction in the dominance of parking spaces
  • reducing the proposed 4 storey flats to 3 storeys
  • wheelchair accessible homes to be included
  • the additional new homes to be family sized houses.

The planning application was submitted on 6 October 2016 and planning permission was granted following the council's formal  consultation process for major planning applications.

Site Ward New homes Contractor Status
Old Mill Court, Chigwell Road,South Woodford, E18 1NJ South Woodford

4 x 1 bed flats

22 x 2 bed flats

2 x 2 bed flats with w/chair access)

Engie Regeneration


  • site has partially re-opened with operatives observing strict social distancing rules
  • works commenced in March 2019
  • service road, parking bays and footpaths completed

Proposed council home building sites

Please watch our short video below to learn more about our council home building programme and how we are consulting with residents.

Zoom chat room sessions

We have arranged a number of Zoom chat room sessions for residents over the next few days and weeks. Please see the table below for further details:  

To join a Zoom meeting: 

1. Open Zoom on your device

2. Click join a meeting

3.  Enter the meeting ID number and your display name

4. Select if you would like to connect audio and/or video and click Join

Name of Estate

Days of Zoom consulting all at 5pm to 7pm

Zoom Meeting ID

Link to join Zoom meeting

Norman Road


2 July

947 228 5798

Join the Norman Road Zoom meeting

Mossford Court 

Wednesday  1 July 

947 228 5798

Join the Mossford Court Zoom meeting

Avenue Court

Tuesday 30 June


Join the Avenue Court Zoom meeting

Wallers Close

Tues 30 June


Join Wallers Close Zoom meeting

Latchingdon Gardens

Thurs 2 July


Join Latchington Gardens Zoom meeting

Little Gearies


2 July


Join Little Gearies Zoom meeting

Heathcote Court + Glade Court

Tues 30 June


Join Heathcote Court + Glade Court Zoom 

Budoch Court

 Weds 1 July


Join Budoch Court Zoom meeting

Torrington Road

Tues 30 June


Join Torrington Road Zoom meeting

Shakespeare Square

Weds 1 July


Join Shakespeare Square Zoom meeting

Suffolk Court

Weds 1 July


Join Suffolk Court Zoom meeting


Works are currently on-going as part of our plans to build the new temporary homes in Woodman Road, the site alongside Woodman Path/Manford Way.

Important information about the works (PDF 862KB)

View the planning details and documents for this scheme

Woodman Road Ward New Homes Contractor  Status
Site alongside Woodman Path/Manford Way Hainault  60 homes comprising of 48 x 2 bedroom flats and 12 x 1 bedroom flats Erith 

January/February 2020

  • Construction site safety hoarding has gone up. Footpath from Manford Way to Woodman Road has closed. Basketball court/multi use games area has been removed.

April 2020

  • The site will receive two modular blocks

May 2020

  • works recommenced with operatives observing strict social distancing rules

July 2020

  • basketball court and multi use games area due to be complete

August 2020

  • Works due to be completed by mid August.

How are new-build council homes helping families in Redbridge?

In the video below we hear from two council tenants who now live in a new build council home


Linda (not actual name) has resided at her current property for approximately a year.  The property is an end terraced house consisting of 3 bedrooms with a small front and back garden.  Linda is a single mother and resides there with her son and daughter who are both currently studying.  Previously Linda lived in 2-bedroom temporary accommodation flat in Goodmayes. The temporary accommodation was supposed to be a stopgap for a period of 2 years but Linda ended up residing there for 15 years.  This proved to be incredibly difficult for her and her family as they were overcrowded and her son and daughter had to share a bedroom. Linda feels this affected her and her children psychologically which in turn affected her children’s progress at school.

When the opportunity came around to bid for a newly built property Linda had little hope that she would be offered the property.  When she was informed she had been successful with her bid the Linda said “The feeling was indescribable. After 15 years of waiting I had lost all hope that I would ever get a permanent home. I was very happy”

Having now resided in her new property for a year Linda feels very happy and feels her children are flourishing.  When asked what her experience has been in her new home Linda said, with a beaming smile “The property has been very suitable for me and my family and for that I am grateful to Redbridge council. 

Site Ward New homes Contractor  Status
Gardner Close, Wanstead E11 2HP Wanstead Village 20  x units (for sale to local first time buyers) Kind Ltd  The site has partially opened with some operatives on site observing strict social distancing rules 

Pocket Living is a private developer specialising in building affordable homes for local first time buyers who are priced out of the open market and cannot access social housing. They are typically first-time buyers on low or middle incomes (in jobs like teaching, nursing and the public sector) who keep local communities thriving but are struggling to stay in their local area.  The homes are not built to be sold to overseas buyers or as an investment, nor can the homes be bought to be rented out.

At Gardner Close, Pocket Living will be building a car-free, small block of 20 units. The homes will be approximately 38 square meters in total and have no more than two occupants. The new homes will be designed by an award-winning architect to ensure the building fits in well with the local area.

All Pocket homes are car-free and Pocket residents cannot obtain a parking permit from the council. Pocket homes always come with ample cycle storage and are well connected to public transport links.


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