Public health strategies and policies

Redbridge Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2024-28

Our new Redbridge Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2024-28 sets out our ambitions over the next 4 years, providing an overarching strategy for the health and wellbeing of Redbridge residents.  

While both national and locally there has been much change across the health and social care landscape since our last strategy, our fundamental aspiration as a health and wellbeing board remains the same - to reduce health inequalities, and enable people to live long, happy, independent lives in good health. 

This strategy is overseen by the Redbridge Health and Wellbeing Board and seeks to improve wellbeing and reduce health inequalities in the Borough, through the range of organisations and partnerships that the Board represents.

Ambition 1: Starting Well - Positive Beginnings for Babies, Children & Young People

The Priorities are:

  • Improving immunisation through increased vaccination uptake.
  • Better opportunities for those with special educational needs.
  • Reducing obesity in children and promoting healthy eating.
  • Supporting children and young people with mental health concerns.

Ambition 2: Living & Feeling Well - Building Resilience for Living & Wellbeing

The Priorities are:

  • Partnership focus to support good mental health and wellbeing in Housing.
  • Promoting opportunities for using community assets to improve health and wellbeing.
  • Increasing employment opportunities to support poverty reduction.
  • Supporting unpaid carers to undertake their roles and have good physical and mental health.

Ambition 3: Caring Well - Prevention & Care of Long-term Conditions

The Priorities are:

  • Reducing the risk of long-term conditions from air pollution.
  • Improve identification and management of hypertension.
  • Reducing overweight and obesity in adults and promoting behaviour change.

Supporting early diagnosis and management of dementia.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2024-2028 (PDF 7.9MB)


Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, JSNA (PDF 5.86MB)


Redbridge People Directorate Strategy 2024-29

We are pleased to introduce Redbridge People Directorate Strategy 2024-29 which outlines our vision and strategic priorities over the next five years.  This Strategy sets out what we will be doing, and how we will direct our resources, to achieve our ambitions to work towards reducing inequality, ensuring our vulnerable residents are safe and well, and improving the lives of all our residents.

The People Directorate consists of Children’s Social Care, Education and Inclusion, Community Health and Adults Social Services, Public Health, Commissioning and Contracts. The aim of the Directorate is to support people of all ages, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged by enabling them to access every opportunity and to enjoy, achieve and live safely, healthily, and independently.

The five strategic priorities are:

  • Be Happy, Safe and Well
  • Achieve Your Full Potential
  • Everyone Treated Equally and Fairly
  • Develop the Workforce
  • Build Relationships and Work in Partnership

People Directorate Strategy 2024-2029 (PDF 5.26MB)


Carers Charter for 2024-27

Every day in Redbridge, adults, children and young people support ill, frail or disabled family member, friend, or partners. Carers make a tremendous contribution to society, and it is important that we continue to recognise and value this contribution, and that we work together to support them.

Our Carers Charter for 2024-27 and its associated Action Plan, acts as a framework for the delivery and development of services, working practices, identification and support of unpaid or informal carers in the borough, through a partnership approach. The Carers Charter comprises a series of “I” statements that have been co-produced with carers in the borough alongside key stakeholders from health, social care and the community and voluntary sector, bringing carers to the forefront of service delivery. The Council has signed up to this Charter and is committed to work together to deliver our local vision for carers. Our aspiration is to develop a society that is carer friendly, which values and supports carers to fulfil their caring role and maintain their health and wellbeing.

Redbridge Carers Charter 2024-2027 (PDF 0.77MB)


Substance Misuse Recovery Strategy 2023 to 2028 

This 5-year substance misuse strategy for Redbridge (2023 - 2028) is an update to the Redbridge Substance Misuse Recovery strategy (2017 - 2021).  The strategy outlines this new strengthened partnership approach to tackling the problems associated with drug and alcohol issues in Redbridge.  Its purpose is to establish the nature and extent of substance misuse and its impact across the borough with a focus on:

  • Treatment
  • Support for children and families impacted by substance misuse
  • Supporting local thinking around expanding substance misuse treatment provision into a 'hub and spoke model' stretching access to community treatment across the borough via the proposed Family and Community hubs
  • Access to treatment and outcomes for those with the nine protected characteristics and if there is a suggestion of unmet need for these individuals or those from criminal justice/ mental health background
  • Expanding the remit for substance misuse from public health across every directorate within the council and giving it a more corporate status
  • Support for individuals engaging in Chemsex through the development of culturally appropriate interventions and integration with local sexual health services
  • Aligning this strategy with the council’s other local corporate strategies

Redbridge Substance Misuse Strategy 2023-28 (PDF 9.74MB)

National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

There are 54 public health guidance documents issued by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). These are arranged according to public health topics.

NICE guidance published (PDF 418KB)

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Every Health and Wellbeing Board in England has a statutory responsibility to publish an assessment of the needs in its area for pharmaceutical services provided as part of the National Health Service. This is referred to as a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA).

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PDF 3.78MB)


Suicide Prevention Strategy 2023-2028

Suicide is a serious but preventable public health problem with lasting harmful impact on individuals, families and communities.  In the UK, someone dies by suicide every 90 minutes.  There is a significant loss to families, friends, communities and society as a whole when someone takes their own life.  This strategy, refreshes the data on suicides in Redbridge and sets out our key ambitions and actions for reducing the number of suicides in Redbridge.

Suicide prevention strategy 2023 to 2028 (PDF 608 KB)


Tobacco Control Strategy 2023-2028

Tobacco control is an internationally recognised evidence-based approach to tackle harms caused by tobacco and as such we are proud to introduce a new Tobacco Control Strategy for Redbridge 2023-2028 which sets out the actions, we will take over the next five years with a vision to make Redbridge a smoke free borough.

Tobacco Control Strategy 2023-2028 (PDF 3.1MB)