Healthy Redbridge Bus

The Healthy Redbridge Bus is delivering free lifesaving health checks, and information on local health and wellbeing services across community sites in the borough.

The bus is an initiative led by Redbridge Council and our healthcare partners to enable health checks, vaccinations and other preventative services that can help your health in the long run. Using these services can assist you in identifying if you’re at risk of developing serious health conditions as well as offering support on how to improve your health.

The bus is open to all residents, although you will need to be eligible to receive certain services such as flu vaccinations.

We are working with community organisations and faith groups in the borough to bring health services to local communities. If you would like to arrange for the Healthy Redbridge Bus to visit your organisation to offer an outreach health service contact


Services offered 

  • Health checks (cholesterol and sugar levels)
  • Know your numbers – blood pressure, BMI and pulse checks, and advice on cardiovascular disease and prevention
  • Winter vaccination clinics (Flu and COVID)
  • Smoking cessation services
  • Substance misuse services
  • Health promotion and awareness – cancer screening, mental health services, childhood immunisations, physical activity