About Freedom of Information

What is freedom of information?

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives people the right to request information held by public authorities.

Freedom of information gives you 2 rights:

  • the right to be told if information exists
  • the right to receive information subject to certain exemptions under the Act and relevant legislation, meaning we cannot always provide the information

You are already entitled under the Data Protection Act 2018 to request a copy of any personal data that we may hold about you.  Strict regulations determine how we can use this data, in particular protecting you from having it made available to others inappropriately.

What can I ask for?

The Right to Know allows you to access a range of recorded information held by Redbridge Council. This may include printed documents, computer files, letters, emails, photographs and audio/video recordings.

If the information you want concerns future plans/activities, only the information already held will be provided.  The Act does not require us to communicate future plans or provide opinions on the subject of any request.

You cannot ask for personal information regarding another individual and there are other exemptions which apply to the provision of information.  If we are unable to give you the information you have asked for we will send you a refusal letter which will explain why we can't provide it.

Our publication scheme is currently under review review and development. 

How do I make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request?

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests can be made through our FOI request form: 

Complete our FOI request form  

Or write to us:

Information Governance
7th floor
Lynton House

In your request please clearly statewhat information you want, your real name, an address for the response (either postal or email address) and telephone number.

When a request requires information that is readily available, this information will be provided and not logged as an FOI request. 

View previous FOI requests on DataShare

Is there a charge?

There is no charge for making a request for information, but in some circumstances, there may be a charge for providing the response. For example:

  • if it will take longer than 18 hours to collect and provide the information, then a fee will apply, or your request will be refused.  If this is the case, we will tell you as soon as possible and the payment will be at the rate set by the Information Commissioner’s Office which is currently £25 per hour.  Your request will be placed on hold until payment has been made, and this will also extend the time allowed to respond
  • if you wish to receive the information in a hard copy or a specialist format, there may be a charge for supplying information in this way, but we will tell you if this is the case and how much it will cost

When will I get a response?

When we receive a request, we aim to acknowledge receipt within 3 working days and you should receive your response within 20 working days.

If the information you have requested requires clarification, your request will be placed on hold until the clarification has been received.  This will extend the time allowed to respond.

The fee charged will be in line with the Information Commissioner’s Fees and Charges regulations which are currently £25 per hour.

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