Fairlop country park in Redbridge

Published: 19 June 2023

Float in a boat

Relax and feel the floating motion of the boat in the water. Make it as slow or exhilarating as you like.

Floating in a boat is a special moment to remember. It can be as slow and dreamy or as fast and exhilarating as you make it. Or it could even be both.

Find yourself a boat

First you need to find yourself a boat. There are lots of places where you can hire one.

We have places that hire canoes, kayaks and rowing boats. 

Use your five senses

Once you’ve secured a boat to float in, now it’s time to enjoy your senses.

What can you feel?

When you dip your hand into the water, what can you feel? Is the water rushing past or is it slowly lapping against your hand? Does the water feel cold or is it warm?

What can you see on your journey?

Carefully peer over the side of the boat, are there fish in the water? Can you see any birds diving? Or perhaps there are birds circling overhead or sitting on the banks.

Are you able to identify any of the birds? Maybe there are also plants you haven’t seen before. 

Think about what you can hear

Is it quiet where you're floating. Listen to the oars in the water as the boat pushes through it. Are there birds chattering? 

Take a deep breath

What can you taste and smell in the air? Is it different to being on land? 

Close your eyes

Relax and feel the floating motion of the boat in the water. Does it remind you of anything else? Can you sense the direction in which you’re heading while your eyes are closed?