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Lab central

Lab Central is a creative space within Redbridge Central Library where tech enthusiasts can learn more about new technology and even try it out!

About Lab Central

Lab Central is a digital makerspace for people to meet, learn, create and innovate at Redbridge Central Library in Ilford.

It's a place for makers, tinkerers, and inventors to work together, imagine and try new things while also having lots of fun!

They offer a varied range of ‘tech’ events including 3D printing, coding, robotics and virtual reality for people of all ages.

At Lab Central, you can try out equipment that you wouldn’t normally have access to and learn how to use it by participating in events and clubs.

Lab Central clubs

Come and take part in events in the creative space at Lab Central. They aim to offer as many regular ‘tech’ clubs as possible at libraries across Redbridge.

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The micro:bit is a microprocessor designed to make coding fun and easy to learn.

You can borrow a mico:bit for free from your local Redbridge library.

Neverend isle

Try this escape adventure which has been designed for families with children 10 to 14 years old.

Work together as a team to solve the challenges and research the meaning of difficult words. Escape Neverend Isle as quickly as you can and set a timer to help you keep track.

There's no need to escape in one sitting, take plenty of breaks and pause your timer when you do so.

Escape Neverend isle