Stray and lost animals

How to report a dangerous dog

  • If you need information on dangerous dogs you should contact the police by calling the non-emergency telephone number 101.
  • If you encounter a dog you believe to be dangerous and it is an emergency call 999. 

Report a stray dog

Any dog that is left on its own in a public space without a person in charge of it, is considered a stray. This includes dogs that have been let out to exercise themselves rather than being walked by the owner.

To report a stray dog, call 07815512833.

If the dog is dangerous or is a legally prohibited breed then you will need to contact the police on 101. If a dog attack is in progress, always call 999.

Redbridge stray dog service operating times:

  • Monday to Friday (including bank holidays) from 7am to10pm
  • Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 8pm

Action we take

We collect all stray dogs found in a public place and those which have wandered onto private property within Redbridge. We do not collect other stray animals, but we may be able to help you find a lost pet.

We will:

  • collect the stray dog and place it in safe and secure kennelling
  • try to trace the owner through checking the animals collar or through contact information in the dogs microchip
  • telephone the contact number registered on the appropriate database and reunite the owner with their pet

If we cannot find the owner, we'll keep the dogs in our kennels for 7 days and then try to find them new homes.

Fees to reclaim dogs

Owners must pay a fee and kennel charges to reclaim their dogs. This must be paid before the dog can be collected:

  • collection fee £70
  • kennelling fee £26 per day

You will need to have some identification with you when you collect your dog.

We keep the dog for 7 days, after which we become the owner and the dog becomes our responsibility. The dog will be re-homed or may be destroyed if it has not been claimed by the owner.

Report your dog as missing

To report your lost dog, call 07815512833.

If they have no record of your dog please:

  • contact surrounding local authorities and the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, who put their details on lost dog websites such as Dog Lost or Pet Log
  • if your dog is micro-chipped, contact the microchip company to make sure your details are up to date
  • remember to remove the details from the website once your dog has been found

Stray animals (not dogs)

If you see a stray animal other than a dog, for example a cat, then you will need to contact the RSPCA