What we are going to do?

Residents have made it clear where they priorities lie. Some of them are innovative and perhaps radical, but mostly they are about taking a fresh look at what already exists, making sure the service to residents improves, and leads to a reduction in key crimes and the fear of crime.

The Community Crime Commission outlined 48 recommendations for how the Community Safety Partnership should tackle the root causes of criminal behaviour.  These recommendations have been approved, in full, by all partners including the council and Metropolitan Police. Some of the actions already undertaken include:

  • 25 more police officers for Ilford Town Centre
  • Public safety walks with police officers and council teams to improve our environment
  • Enforcement hubs around the borough to improve access to local enforcement teams and police officers
  • Increased resources for CCTV
  • Police visits for every victim of burglary
  • School and mentoring projects to keep young people safe from gangs

To kick start these changes, £1.2 million has been ring fenced by the council for funding to deliver the Community Crime Commission recommendations with more set to be provided as plans develop.

In addition, a new Safer Redbridge strategy has been written which will deliver on the recommendations of the Community Crime Commission. This is a long term plan which signals a step change in the way public services tackle crime. 

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