Drugs and street violence

Our goal

To ensure that every street is safe, disrupting those who cause disorder and protecting our young people from the harm caused by gangs and criminality


What we will do

To stop the pipeline that sees vulnerable young people’s futures blighted by crime - both as victims and perpetrators. This work must be ambitious and comprehensive, working to identify children who may be at risk, supporting them with purposeful, relevant and engaging diversionary pathways. A new youth diversion strategy will see the expansion of provision, building on evidence of the success of projects like Box Up and Evolve and Adapt mentoring and reaching further across the borough.

Our approach is in line with the requirements of the Serious Violence Duty. A framework that puts intelligence-led intervention and engagement at its centre, ensuring an holistic, ‘public health’ approach to tackling the causes of crime.

We will establish a renewed focus on Our Streets Strategy, working with local communities to make our public spaces safer. We will regenerate underused high street properties and establish Community Hubs to provide safe, local facilities for young people to develop their confidence and skills.

We will increase intelligence sharing across agencies to ensure that information on criminals, locations and venues are shared in a timely way and resources targeted to disrupt and improve.


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