Safer Neighbourhood Board & Police Complaints

Redbridge Safer Neighbourhood Board

The Redbridge Safer Neighbourhood Board (RSNB) works with Redbridge Police and Redbridge Council's Community Safety Partnership team to promote safety across the borough. It is administrated by Redbridge Council for Voluntary Services (RCVS) and meets quarterly.

RSNB priorities and core function

The priorities of the Board are to:

  • enable local engagement with the police
  • enable local accountability of the police
  • monitor crime performance and public perceptions (community confidence)
  • inform the development of policing priorities in the borough
  • monitor support for the delivery of ward panels and community contact sessions
  • engage with Borough Independent Advisory Groups and local mechanisms e.g. Neighbourhood Watch and Stop and Search Monitoring Groups

More information

RedbridgeCVS is funded by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to administer the Redbridge Safer Neighbourhood Board (RNSB).

For more information on the work of the Board, minutes of past meetings, dates of future meetings and contact information, visit the Safer Neighbourhood Board pages of the RCVS website.


Making a complaint about the Police

If you are unhappy about something that happened to you that involves the police, it can usually be resolved by speaking to the police force. But if they can’t put things right for you, then you can make a complaint to the independent office for police complaints.

You can complain directly to the Independent Office for Police Complaints (IOPC), or you can contact the police force involved via their website or phone. If you complain via the IOPC, your complaint will be sent direct to the police service involved. With written permission, someone can also make a complaint on your behalf.

To find out more about the police complaints process, visit the IOPC’s website.

Complaints about Council Services

If you wish to make a complaint or tell us about a service provided by the Council, you can do this on our Tell Us pages or via our Report It page.