Obstructions and clamping

An obstruction is usually classed as preventing someone from having reasonable use of the highway.  Whether action is taken or not will depend on what the enforcement officer makes of the situation at the time.

There are typically 2 different types of obstructions that you may encounter. 

  • vehicle obstruction
  • vehicles obstructing dropped kerb access to your driveway, pedestrian and road access


Report an obstruction

To report a vehicle obstruction please contact the Parking management team on 020 8708 3636 from 8.30am to 5pm on Monday to Friday or APCOA Parking on 020 8708 5211 at all other times.

When you speak to us you will need to provide:

  • the vehicle registration number
  • location of the vehicle

A Civil Enforcement Officer will then be sent to your location and will require a signed witness statement before they can issue the offending vehicle with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Other obstructions that you may find include:

  • a car parked on the pavement (even if it’s just 2 wheels) 
  • overhanging vegetation
  • scaffolding, hoarding, skips and builders materials obstruction
  • overhanging vehicles (where your driveways isn't big enough to hold your car)
  • building materials and other obstructions

To report an 'other' obstruction

What information do I need to supply

  • your contact details
  • type of obstruction
  • location of obstruction

We will send an officer to investigate the obstruction usually within 3 days (often the same day).  Appropriate action will then be taken.


Clamping on private land

You must have a license to tow or clamp vehicles parked on private land

For advice on parking on private land and illegal clamping visit Citizen’s Advice.

If you have been clamped on private land, and need advice, please contact the Citizens Advice on 0845 404 0506.

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