Reducing residential burglary is one of the priorities of the Redbridge Community Safety Partnership, with all agencies working closely together to achieve this.

Tips to keep your home safe from burglary

We have put together some simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of being burgled.

Doors and windows

  • Lock your doors and windows, even if you are just popping out for a couple of minutes
  • Fit extra locks and deadlocks on windows and doors, for details please visit the Metropolitan Police residential burglary advice pages 
  • Remember to double lock your UVPC doors by lifting the door handle and turning the key
  • Put keys away - if they are left in sight near letterboxes and window burglars are skilled at getting to them
  • Never leave a spare key hidden outside. Burglars will know the places you are likely to hide them
  • Check - how easy it is to get to first floor windows? if there is a flat roof of an extension, garage or porch enabling  access to it from outside, then burglars can get in.
  • French, patio and balcony doors should have a minimum of three locking points
  • Fit double glazing to improve security as well as reduce heat loss

Gardens and out buildings

  • Keep gardens neat and tidy so intruders cannot hide
  • Keep front garden walls and hedges up to 1 metre high so your property is clearly visible from the street
  • Lock your back or side gate. If you don't have a lock, get one fitted
  • Install trellising along the top of your rear garden fence to increase the height and make it more difficult to climb over
  • Consider using gravel for pathways and driveways as this will make a noise if walked on and will help deter burglars
  • Put a well secured lock or locks on your garage or garden shed and make sure they are secure when not in use
  • Store tools in a locked garage or shed (tools could be used to break into your home)
  • Chain or padlock ladders to a strong post or wall to stop these being used to access your home
  • Fit dusk to dawn lighting

Flats and houses of multiple occupancy

  • If you live in a flat with a buzzer-operated door, don't let in people you do not know. If you're suspicious of someone who you think may be a burglar, ring the police
  • install door viewers so you can see callers before opening your apartment door
  • Have  key operated window locks for all ground floor windows and any windows that are easily accessible
  • Fit automatic closing mechanisms to doors to the street    

Distraction burglaries

  • Don't let anyone in your home if you're alone and not expecting a visitor. Anyone with a genuine reason for calling will understand and will come back by appointment.

Be aware 

  • Most home burglaries are opportunistic and take place when a burglar sees an open door or an easy opportunity to break into a property
  • Burglars look for easy ways in to a home that won't take long or look suspicious
  • Homes that look unoccupied and insecure are more likely to be targeted.
  • A burglar can be in and out of a house within five minutes

Tips to prevent Asian gold burglaries 

Advice to help to protect yourself from losing your valuable jewellery.

  • Photograph your jewellery and keep copies of the photos somewhere safe. This could be with your insurance documents in case you are burgled
  • Make sure you include the jewellery on your insurance forms
  • Buy a good quality home safe. Consider the value of the items you want to protect when buying a safe
  • Speak to your bank to see if they provide safety deposit boxes

Further support

Information on reducing your vulnerability to becoming a victim of burglary and wider crime prevention advice can be found on the Metropolitan Police crime prevention pages.