Anti-terrorism, Prevent and Channel


Prevent is a strand of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy CONTEST and is about  working together to ‘prevent’ children, young people and adults from being drawn into extremist activity including acts of terrorism. It is about everyone taking responsibility and knowing what to do if they have concerns.

Online Safety During Covid-19

Due to the current situation, most of us will be at home for an extended period and are likely to be spending increasing amounts of time online.  Extremists may use the COVID-19 outbreak to promote hateful views, for example through conspiracy theories blaming a particular group for the virus, or through spreading misinformation regarding these groups’ responses to it.  To learn more about how to support children and young people stay safe online, check out our guidance on online safety.


Act Early

The new ACT Early campaign is already having a life-changing impact in getting help and advice to those who might be at risk of radicalisation. Since its launch in November 2020, the site has already received more than 25,000 individual visits and as a result the new national police Prevent advice line has been receiving calls every week from concerned family and friends, with specialist support being put in place where appropriate.  The ACT Early website has two short films aimed at the general public, and concerned friends and family:   

It provides an introduction to Prevent and to the work of Prevent officers.  By improving understanding of Prevent and explaining the way we work with partners, we hope more people will be encouraged and assured to seek help at an earlier stage where appropriate.



Like child protection, Channel is a multi-agency safeguarding programme run in Councils in England and Wales. It works to support vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism and offers support such as

  • mentoring
  • counselling
  • assistance with employment  

Channel is about early intervention to protect vulnerable people from being drawn into committing terrorist-related activity and addresses all types of extremism.

Participation in Channel is voluntary. It is up to an individual, or their parents for children aged 17 and under, to decide whether to take up the support it offers. Channel does not lead to a criminal record.

Further Information

More information on safeguarding young people from radicalisation including links to online resources and training can be found on the Redbridge Local Safeguarding Children Board website.

Information has also been produced by the NSPCC or can be found on the Educate Against Hate website.


Referrals are received from agencies such as schools and health services. For more information please contact the Prevent Team by emailing

If there is risk of immediate harm or danger then you should contact the police on 999 or the Police Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321

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