Alley gating scheme

Alleyways can make houses more vulnerable to burglary.  We have set up a scheme to provide up to half the cost towards resident-led projects to install gates to restrict access to vulnerable private alleyways.

Match funding

We have re-opened the application process for the provision of match funding for 2019/20 to support local resident groups who apply to this scheme.

How much does it cost

Typically alley gate schemes cost in excess of £1,000 with the cost depending on how many gates there are within a scheme, the width of the entrances and whether railings are needed as well.


What to think about and your responsibilities

The amount of time between application and gate installation can range from 4 months to over a year depending on the complexity of the scheme and how pro active you as residents are.

Much of the work in setting up an alley gate scheme is the responsibility of residents and you will need to work together with your neighbours  to make an application for funding.

You are encouraged to seek support from the local Neighbourhood Watch where possible, and Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Team.


How we assess applications

Applications will be assessed on the potential reduction in crime and the potential benefits of implementing an alley gating scheme, using the following criteria:

  • an evidenced problem of burglary, including numbers and details of both recent and historic incidents, where the alleyway has contributed to the problem; an evidenced problem of anti-social behaviour, graffiti and/or fly tipping in the alleyway will strengthen an application;
  • confirmation that an alley gate scheme will address the problem(s) and satisfactory evaluation of the suitability of design;
  • the alley way enables direct access to multiple properties (more than 4) and there is evidenced consent from all legal owners of the properties whose access will be directly restricted by an alley gate scheme (an example of approved wording for consents is included on the application form); and
  • compliance with planning regulations and planning permission (where necessary), and satisfactory access arrangements for services (such as Fire Brigade, rubbish collection, sewage)


How to apply

Read the guidance documents. The Alleygater’s guide provides a good overview as to what is involved in setting up a scheme. The Redbridge alley gating flow chart illustrates the steps involved where Redbridge Community Safety match funding is being applied for.

Apply for alley gating funding

Complete the Redbridge checklist and application form and send them along with requested supporting documents either electronically to or hard copies to the following address:

Redbridge Enforcement Casework Officer, 1st Floor, Redbridge Control Centre, 531 Ley Street, Ilford, Essex, IG2 7QZ

If you have any questions or queries about the application process, please contact the Redbridge Enforcement Casework Officer on or 020 8708 5974.

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