Council Tax text and voice messaging service

About the text and voice messaging service

If your Council Tax account falls into arrears the council may send a text or voice message before taking further recovery action. This service can prevent statutory recovery documents being issued and may help you avoid paying expensive costs.

Whilst this service is offered to prevent customers from falling further into arrears, it should not be relied upon and may not always be available. It is your responsibility to maintain the instalments due on your account in line with the bill issued and failure to do so may result in recovery action being taken.

Who sends the messages

The text messages are sent by us, Redbridge Council, and will show as “LBRedbridge”. They will contain a short URL using https://gsys.oi or, and may have a link to a chatbot where you can make an arrangement or chat with an agent.  This service is confidential, your mobile number will not be shared with third parties. You will not get any other marketing messages to your phone. 

The voice message will invite you to contact one of the council's officers who will take a payment by phone.  The agent will ask security details and collect payment from you.

This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information you have provided for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes.

If you have any concerns regarding the genuine nature of the telephone call or text message, you can make payments directly. 

How it works

If we already have your mobile number you will be signed up for the service automatically. If we don’t have your mobile number or your number has changed and you would like to receive this service, please sign up below. 

Sign up for the Council Tax messaging service

If you would like to opt-out of receiving text messages for Council Tax, please complete our online form.